Science Journal Editor Resigns, Admits A Paper Doubting Man-Made Climate Change Should Not Have Been Published

Dr. Wolfgang Wagner, editor of Remote Sensing journal, has resigned after admitting that a recent paper casting doubt on man-made climate change should not have been published. The paper, by U.S. scientists Roy Spencer and William Braswell, claimed that “computer models of climate inflated projections of temperature increase.” A rigorous peer-review of a paper is “supposed to be able to identify fundamental methodological errors or false claims,” Wagner said. “The paper by Spencer and Braswell…is most likely problematic in both aspects and should therefore not have been published.” Wagner noted that the researchers ignored the fact that “comparable studies published by other authors have already been refuted.” The paper’s problem “is not that it declared a minority view (which was later unfortunately much exaggerated by the public media) but that it essentially ignored the scientific arguments of its opponents,” he said. “This latter point was missed in the review process, explaining why I perceive this paper to be fundamentally flawed and therefore wrongly accepted by the journal.”

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