Best Extreme Weather Cartoons

You may have missed the amazing stories from Think Progress:

Cantor: No Disaster Relief Funding For Hurricane Irene Without Budget Cuts — and that means no funding without Massive Cuts To First Responders.

Here’s the cartoon (via Slate):

Here’s another extreme weather cartoon, with the climate connection:

And one for the Hell and High Water crowd:


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7 Responses to Best Extreme Weather Cartoons

  1. Susan Anderson says:

    Wonderful. I like this (not a cartoon) on the three body problem and our three storms:

  2. lizardo says:

    I love cartoon #1 and re that:

    Ron Paul was on the Diane Rehm Show yesterday and said that disaster response should be left to the states, we didn’t need FEMA etc. But what was interesting/absurd was his reason: that depending on the federal government (as opposed to state government???) “infantilized us”. Even though I was in the shower I had an immediate rebuttal for that.

    The infant is dependent on the parent, but as we grow up we depend on and interact with a larger and larger group of people, from family to school to town to state and nation, even all humanity, and all species (ideally). So Paul has it backwards.

  3. pw henderson says:

    Awesome. I’m spreading these around. Keep up the tweets too. That’s how I found this.

  4. Leland Palmer says:

    Let’s try that again, with a better formatted link:

    Here’s a funny one, I think:

    Michelle Bachman Channels God

    My (nick) namesake tropical storm Lee seems to have avoided Texas, just teasing the outskirts of Houston.

    Maybe God really does hate stupidity, and is feeling more than a little peevish toward Texas, right now.

  5. Andy says:

    Good stuff. Speaking of extreme weather, CBS had another piece on La Nina:

    Of course, no real mention of it’s interaction with a changing climate, other than to say “it’s not clear if climate change is having an impact on La Nina events – they generally occur every three to five years – not back to back”. But I guess that’s something, eh? :-)

  6. prokaryotes says:

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