After Falling For Climategate ‘Scandal,’ Jon Stewart Goes Gaga Over Solyndra

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is one of the most trenchant political satirists in the nation, cutting through not only hypocrisy but also disregard for reality. However, on climate and energy issues, Stewart has a spotty track record. On Dec. 1, 2009, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart fell for the right-wing spin that cherry-picked phrases from hacked emails by climate scientists revealed a scandal:

Since then, repeated official investigations have proven what was evident from the start — that the scientists had been slandered, and were guilty of nothing more than sometimes saying mean things about critics.

Last night, Jon Stewart promoted the right-wing spin that cherry-picked phrases from subpoenaed emails by White House officials revealed a scandal:

Stewart didn’t even touch on what may be the only relevant part of the Solyndra bankruptcy, that corporate officials may have misrepresented their company’s health. But he did find it humorous that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden said the company’s innovative technology represented the future of American jobs.


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