Stephen Colbert: “I Know Global Warming is Real Folks”

Colbert:  The United States emits more CO2 per capita than the European Union and China combined.  Just think what those emissions numbers would be if America still made anything.  Right now it’s all coming from hobo fires and Vin Diesel movies.

Sadly (and comically), Stephen Colbert’s sarcastic conservative pundit persona is often grounded firmly in reality.

His rants on climate change are particularly spot on. While going on another diatribe this week about our changing climate (this time by admitting it’s happening), Colbert pinpointed the reason why many Americans are still skeptical of the science in spite of the mounting evidence:  “America has not hit bottom yet.”

Here’s the video:

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Speaking of not knowing what to do — global warming. I know global warming is real folks…. And the evidence for global warming is mounting….

In the face of all this mounting evidence, America has stood with one voice and boldly proclaimed: ‘Eh.’

Indeed, the gap between our understanding of the problem and our willingness to act is widening. Sometimes it takes a good comedian to point out how bad the situation is.


10 Responses to Stephen Colbert: “I Know Global Warming is Real Folks”

  1. Mark Thomas says:

    Mirror please?

    For us poor UK chumps.

  2. Lionel A says:

    Darn it. These Colbert videos are not available here in the UK!

  3. I love this quote! We need to get away from saying we “believe” in climate change. Believe is for Tooth Fairies and Easter Bunnies. (not that I have anything against Easter Bunnies).

    But we KNOW human activities are causing climate change. It’s just a question of what are we going to do about it.

  4. dp says:

    maybe a solution is to sign the petition i made…

    Dear President Obama: “Prepare a Plan for Cutting Carbon 80% by 2030”

    this isn’t a commitment to actually cut our eco-footprint, it’s about going through the process of making a fast action plan a few years in advance of when we’ll actually wish we had one.

  5. David Smith says:

    Helen; I agree with you on the “Belief” issue. I state, instead, that I accept the science of global warming.

  6. kermit says:

    Helen, I agree. I’ve been arguing with Creationists for decades, and the word “belief” has become associated with a fact-free claim of fact, or embracing a set of values. While one can correctly say “I believe that the climatologists are correct”, this in interpreted by too many American listeners as “I have an evidence-free religious faith in the Church of Holy Tree-Hugging”.

    Better to offer a baggage-free statement like Daniel’s – “I accept the science of global warming.”

  7. Death Before Discomfort.

  8. Pangolin` says:

    Considering that a certain, very hot state (texas, cough) has been emptying reservoirs, during a drought, to cool power plants in order to run air conditioners 24/7 this summer……. I think the choice has been made.

    Given the choice between having drinking water in the next few months and cooling their buildings to 75º F instead of 81º they’ve gone with the no-water option. If God had wanted them to be hot he wouldn’t have provided air conditioning would he.

  9. Pat Moore says:

    Corporations buy governments; lobbyists write
    regulations. When disaster strikes, just blame the government. Simple.