Worst Super-Hero Ever: Congress-Man

A great cartoon from Non-Sequitur by Wiley.

It’s a bit long, so I’m putting the rest of it below the jump:

Yes, it should probably be GOP Congress-Man, but they’d never run that on the comics page, would they?

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4 Responses to Worst Super-Hero Ever: Congress-Man

  1. sydb says:

    I assume that between leaving the scene of the disaster and arriving to form the comittee, he’ll recharge on cash by attending a few fundraisers on the way. After all, one would not expect Popeye to take on Bluto without first eating his spinach.
    The thought of a Republican Congressman acting without a huge cash infusion first just isn’t credible. Nor is it reasonable. The Kochs and the bankers can’t be expected to bear this cost on their own. I would chip in myself, if only I still had a job….

  2. prokaryotes says:

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  3. Michael Tucker says:

    Yes it should be GOP Congress-Man because we all know where all the opposition really comes from BUT just because a climate bill will be unpopular with the anti-science GOP carnival barkers does not mean that Democrats should not try…unless they are not really convinced of the dire need for such a bill. Silence from the Democrats, and especially from the leader of the party, is worse than unacceptable and threatens their credibility.

  4. Joan Savage says:

    If any reader is a real authority on McClelland, I’m sure they’d be able correct and refine my very approximate language.