Walker’s War On Wisconsin’s Wind Industry

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) “was backed by wind farm opponents in his 2010 election campaign and included a bill to restrict wind farm development in the jobs package he unveiled in his first weeks in office,” the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. In large part because of Walker’s war on wind, Wisconsin has been severely lagging its neighbors. “Wind has been booming in the neighboring states of Illinois and Minnesota. In 2010, nearly 500 megawatts of wind capacity went online in Illinois, far more than the 20 megawatts built in Wisconsin. According to an Illinois State University study, wind development in Illinois has generated $18 million in property taxes, $8.3 million in income for landowners and created nearly 500 permanent jobs. This year, another 390 megawatts have been installed in Illinois, with a comparable amount developed in Minnesota as well.”

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