Clean Start: October 27, 2011

Welcome to Clean Start, ThinkProgress Green’s morning round-up of the latest in climate and clean energy. Here is what we’re reading. What are you?

ABC News is still distorting the history of federal support for Fisker Automotive‘s electric cars in its attempt to create a new Solyndra-style scandal. [Media Matters]

The United Nations has launched an emergency appeal to help an estimated 300,000 people in El Salvador after heavy rains caused widespread flooding across Central America, killing 100. [BBC]

Mitt Romney is fundraising with a Solyndra lobbyist. [Huffington Post]

Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, is four years from running out of water should a recent pattern of above-average rains end and it needs to start filling aquifers artificially to counter the threat, a senior government official said on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Venture capitalist investment in clean technology startups is slumping, just as federal support for the clean-tech sector is drying up. [Washington Post]

Thailand’s prime minister said Bangkok was fighting the forces of nature on Thursday as residents fled, rivers swelled and floodwater threatened to burst through dikes protecting the capital. [Reuters]

The retreat of Antarctica’s fast-flowing Thwaites Glacier is expected to speed up within 20 years, once the glacier detaches from an underwater ridge that is currently holding it back, says a new study in Geophysical Research Letters. [Science Daily]

European Union regulators proposed stricter safety standards for offshore oil and natural-gas exploration to curb the risk of a major accident after BP’s spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the largest in U.S. history. [Bloomberg]

The devastating economic impact of Texas’s most extreme drought in history is beginning to extend beyond rural agriculture and into tourism, real estate and other staples of more urbanized economies. [Texas Tribune]

Climate change and population growth in the United States will make having enough fresh water more challenging in the coming years, an expert on water shortages said on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Michigan State students have been arrested for occupying the office of the university’s president as they demand that the campus abandon its coal plants and go to 100 percent clean energy. [Greenpeace]

Hurricane Rina sent tourists packing on Mexico’s Caribbean coast on Wednesday as the storm bore down on popular beach resorts like Cancun, leading to evacuations and travel chaos. [Reuters]

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