Groups Ratchet Up Pressure on Keystone XL Pipeline With High-Profile Support and Full-Page Ad in Washington Post

This Sunday, November 6th, activists are going to surround the White House in a show of protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline. So far, 10,000 people have reportedly signed up to join the protests.

In the lead up to Sunday’s demonstration, Tar Sands Action and NRDC took out a full page ad in today’s Washington Post to put the pressure on Obama, who now says he’s the “decider” on approval of the pipeline.

Organizers have also gained the support of celebrities like Robert Redford, Mark Ruffalo, Daryl Hannah, David Strathairn, and now, Julia Louis-Dreyfus — an actress best known for playing Elaine on the sitcom Seinfeld.

In this latest video, Louis-Dreyfus calls on President Obama to live up to his goal of freeing the nation “from the tyranny of oil.”

9 Responses to Groups Ratchet Up Pressure on Keystone XL Pipeline With High-Profile Support and Full-Page Ad in Washington Post

  1. Chris Winter says:

    DeSmogBlog reveals an oil industry effort to co-opt these protests by touting the jobs the pipeline will create.

    The numbers are overstated.

  2. John Tucker says:

    There are enough jobs in clean energy conversion, if deployed seriously and responsibly to completely end the recession and create a worker shortage.

    Stopping Keystone XL is only the beginning too in halting oil sands oil extraction. That needs to always be said.

    It should have never been started.

    Climate change should be fought on the level of a world war. With real loss of American land mass, loss of civil liberties and both American military and civilian casualties seen involved in failure.

  3. John Tucker says:

    I cant remember when the US State Department and a whole political party for that matter embarked on a course that ensured the ceding of a significant amount of American territory.

    Its unprecedented in history to the best of my knowledge.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The Harper regime, which, according to Murdoch’s liars here, received a ‘landslide victory’ with 40% of the 60% of the eligible Canadian population who bothered to vote (ie 24% of the enfranchised)is a very nasty kettle of fish. It is determined to undermine international action on anthropogenic climate destabilisation, and eke out every cent of profit from its tar oil resources. That it will destroy global climate stability, while devastating wide regions of Canada, is of no consequence, because Harper, typical of the extreme Right, in my opinion, simply does not care what happens to humanity (including his own spawn)after he is dead.

  5. Theodore says:

    Wikipedia: “Cognitive dissonance is a discomfort caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously.”

    Barack Obama in 2007: “Let’s be the generation that frees itself from the tyranny of oil.”

    Barack Obama in 2011: “We need to encourage domestic oil and natural gas production.”

    Wikipedia: “The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance. They do this by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and actions.”

  6. John Tucker says:

    Those areas are naturally toxic and should not have been disturbed. Especially not for oil production. They know it – they say there is no link while wildlife reports show large jumps in growths on fish in the area. University research confirms there is a problem related to oilsands development. ( )

    The problems are consistent with exposure to PAHs and heavy metals.

    It is an incredible amount of suffering that will continue to spread up the food chain, just for greed.

  7. mulp says:

    The voters rejected Obama’s call to end the tyranny of oil by electing a Congress in 2008 that demanded pillage and plunder of fossil fuels continue.

    Then in 2010, the voters elected a Congress which demands a gloves off to corporate pillage and plunder of the environment and the corporate right to kill workers, customers, and bystanders by returning to the pre-Nixon environmental laws.

    And no one protests the actions of Congress bent on promoting pillage and plunder, so it seems clear Boehner and McConnell know they have nothing to fear from environmentalists – Republicans will get tacit support for going back to the 60s, or maybe 1880, from the American voters.

  8. Bill G says:

    It is a mistake to put pressure on Obama regarding Keystone.

    Presidents are to a great extent prisoners of politics and media regarding what they can and cannot do. Public sentiment calls the shots, not Obama.

    Truman said to someone urging a policy on him, “Get out there and make me do it.”

    He obviously meant build public pressure for the policy you want – don’t just pressure me personally.

    We need to aim our energy at building public knowledge about what Keystone means to our environment and climate future.

    Trying only to twist Obama’s arm painfully enough to force him into a decision is bad for him and bad for our broad cause.

  9. Raul M. says:

    I’m sure that he would prefer a polite climate.
    And with only having to reschedule his golf games life would be easier.
    I think the point of a growing number of people, though, is that there was that recent “natural disaster” …