Big Oil v. Clean Energy: Koch Fuels Solyndra Attack Ad

Charles and David Koch, the right-wing petrochemical billionaires who fuel the Tea Party, have set their sights on the clean energy economy. Even though Americans overwhelmingly support investment in solar and wind energy, the rise of renewables threatens the stranglehold the Kochs and other oil giants have over United States politics. A new ad from the Koch’s astroturf organization Americans for Prosperity claims the Obama administration’s investments in solar power, like the loan guarantee given to Solyndra, were just a corrupt plot by President Obama to support campaign donors:

In reality, Solyndra was supported by the Bush White House and received venture-capital funding from firms with ties to both Republicans and Democrats. The faux scandal fits the agenda of the Koch brothers — embarrass Obama and smear clean energy — but it isn’t based in reality.

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