Bill Clinton Talks Clean Energy on the Daily Show: “We Have Got To Be Competitive in These Areas”

Former President Bill Clinton was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart Tuesday night talking about his new book, “Back to Work. ”

In recent years, Clinton has been a strong advocate for clean energy and addressing climate change, helping bring together numerous large-scale investments in the sector through the Clinton Global Initiative.

In his new book, Clinton outlines a strategy for deploying more renewables and efficiency as a way to continue creating jobs and enhance America’s competitiveness. Ignoring the political pressure to ditch clean energy as a jobs creator, Clinton continues his strong public messaging on the need to invest in the sector.

Due to copyright issues, we can’t isolate specific pieces of the interview. It’s worth listening to the whole conversation. But if you want to skip straight to the clean energy portion, start at around 3:50.

3 Responses to Bill Clinton Talks Clean Energy on the Daily Show: “We Have Got To Be Competitive in These Areas”

  1. prokaryotes says:

    You need to advance!
    Jobs which “Perry” calls for, in exploration of oil or gas fields, require hard primitive work force and are particular dangerous to health and accidents due to the nature of fossil energy.

    To install and maintain solar and wind farms, you need a more intelligent mind. And people, your communities participate from this too.

    From a corporation point of view and market value, it appears, that renewable energy generation is much more reliable and stabile, instead of depleting fossil resources.

    So what are companies waiting for?

  2. WyrdWays says:


    An (ex)President not afraid to use the phrase ‘Climate Change’. Those were the days.. almost miss the old philanderist.. I mean philanthropist..

  3. beccainseattle says:

    Irony upon ironies that President NAFTA is talking about being competitive with other countries on anything.