Bill McKibben and Colbert Talk Keystone XL and Climate

Funny stuff.  McKibben knows how to deal with Colbert:  Go with the flow (wherever the absurdist host takes it) but stay on your talking points.

The result is Colbert was nicer to McKibben then he is to many such guests.  But then Colbert is an optimist: He says with the tar sands, the climate would be half full … of carbon.

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14 Responses to Bill McKibben and Colbert Talk Keystone XL and Climate

  1. DavidHS says:

    A pity this video is “unavailable” when viewing this page from the UK. Even when I follow the links to the Colbert web site, I am shut out.

  2. Tramey says:

    You cite Colbert, saying, “Colbert is an optimist: He says with the tar sands, the climate would be half full … of carbon.”

    Don’t forget his other comment, that the other “good” thing about removing the oil from the tar sands… they’ll be left with all that clean sand, which “Alberta will need for its beaches when it’s waterfront property in 50 years.” LOL

  3. M Tucker says:

    It’s too bad Colbert did not give Bill the time to explain how the XL pipeline extension would lead to higher gas prices.

  4. We should remember that Keystone XL is a DELAY and PRAY decision. It is a punt, not a touchdown. It is not canceled, and could still be approved.

    The most cynical interpretation is that since it is post-election, it can bring votes to the President. But also brings in campaign contributions to each side. Tar Sands oil money goes to whichever side promises to decide in favor – and right now that could be either side… since this decision is delayed, not decided.

    Wonderful presentation of the issue. Colbert really did win on uncovering the issue of jobs deceit.

  5. Paul Magnus says:

    ‘Eccentric’ nuclear plans threaten UK’s part in renewables revolution, expert warns
    Prof John Schellnhuber says UK is not fit to take part in ‘third industrial revolution’ of switch to clean energy

  6. Paul Magnus says:

    renewables are the quintessential democratic energy source,” he said.

    But he warned: “The world economy is still locked into the wrong paradigm.” Energy costs are cut today by bequeathing debts to future generations, he said. “We are exploiting the future by using the atmosphere as a waste dump.”

    said the cost of transforming the infrastructure to run the world on renewable energy was roughly the same as current subsidies for carbon fuels. “The money is absolutely available,” he said.

  7. Paul Magnus says:

    This was also the case for the broader economy, he said, where government spending today was dumped on future generations through national debt: “It is the very simple strategy of governments in the industrialised world to avoid social tensions by providing the so-called lower classes with benefits without taking the money from the rich. You maximise the benefit. It is the dictatorship of the present.”

  8. Paul Magnus says:

    “The German story is very encouraging,” he said. The Fits and other policies had led to a “grassroots revolution on the energy supply”. The big energy companies such as RWE and E.ON are asking themselves, “will anyone need us in 20 years’ time”, he said.

  9. Rob Honeycutt says:

    I’d have to say a punt is a perfect strategy right now. Basically we’re trying to run out the clock until solar comes down more in price. This is a loss of yardage for the oil industry at a critical point in the game.

  10. Wes Rolley says:

    It is too bad that so many of you have already decided that no 3rd party candidate has the credibility to run for POTUS. Then you just will miss this from Dr. Jill Stein, candidate for Green Party US nomination for POTUS.

    “Climate change is a ticking time bomb. But instead of taking decisive action to protect us against the danger, the Obama Administration is studying which route to take on the way to the destruction of our climate. The political pressure that stayed Obama’s hand this week is exactly what we need to stop all the climate-destroying schemes being supported by the Administration and instead put people to work building a carbon-free, secure, and sustainable energy future.”

    Stein noted that “Thursday’s statement from the State Department makes it clear that the sticking point in their minds is the route of the pipeline. This fails utterly to address the critical issue – which is the amount of carbon that will be exhausted into the atmosphere from the Canadian tar sands. No matter which route is taken, this pipeline is a disaster for the planet. No further study is needed to come to this conclusion.”

  11. Artful Dodger says:

    … plus, the oil can be used for sun block, due to the huge Arctic Ozone hole.

  12. Artful Dodger says:

    Wes, for Dr. Jill Stein to be able to pass legislation she would need the support of both Houses of Congress, many individual State Governors and Legislatures, and the US Supreme Court.

    If a Democrat can’t achieve that, how much change does a 3rd Party Candidate have, realistically?

    No the answer is for us to get out in the streets, and drag the public conversation back to the Center. President Obama wants to move back in that direction, but he needs actual help to counter the weight of tug’n’pull arguments from the Koch’s Tea Party.

    Will you join us? Be well!

  13. John McCormick says:

    An Artful response to Wes’ frustration with our POTUS.