Bill O’Reilly Says He Found a Solar Installer

When Bill O’Reilly said he couldn’t find anyone on Long Island to put solar on his home, a number of organizations put out the call across New York to help him get a quote.

With hundreds of companies in the state, O’Reilly’s comments were a bit perplexing: “I want to buy solar or wind for my house this winter. Can you tell me where to do that? There’s nowhere, no one.”

Well, over 60 solar companies signed an open letter to O’Reilly telling him they’d be happy to give him a quote, and it looks like he’s now ready to take the leap. “There’s a legitimate guy on Long Island,” O’Reilly said on his show last night, to Alan Colmes.

Leading into a segment tearing apart the clean energy stimulus, O’Reilly mentioned “all the crazy people” who had been sending him messages encouraging him to back up his word.

“There is a legitimate guy on long island. He’s going to come over and give me a price and I’m going to report back to you. Because I don’t want to be dependent on OPEC and I don’t think anybody does,” he said.

Aside from the fact that O’Reilly (like all too many people) gets solar electricity mixed up with oil, it’s a positive sign that he’s at least making the effort to get a quote. We’ll see what O’Reilly reports back when he talks to that “guy” on Long Island.

Kudos to all the companies that stepped up and encouraged him to contact one of the hundreds of installers in the state. Who knows, if all goes well, maybe O’Reilly will become the next solar spokesperson?

Dave Llorens, CEO of 1 Block Off the Grid had a great post last year on the importance of having people like O’Reilly and Sarah Palin installing solar.

15 Responses to Bill O’Reilly Says He Found a Solar Installer

  1. Bill Walker says:

    More likely, O’Reilly’s “legitimate” guy is somebody who will cooperate to give him an exorbitantly high price, which he can then tout on Fox Noise as showing that solar is too expensive.

  2. prokaryotes says:


    White House solar panels taking ‘longer than expected’

    Sutley said, “By installing solar panels on arguably the most famous house in the country, his residence, the President is underscoring that commitment to lead and the promise and importance of renewable energy in the United States.”

    But over a year later, the projects are still in the works. According to a Department of Energy spokesperson, the department is “still working through the procurement process, which has taken longer than expected given the nature of the project. We hope to have the project completed as soon as possible.”

    Do they wait for some special new nanowired solar working at night shingles or woot?

  3. Leif says:

    Bill will probably just take the quote, run the winter low production numbers and report to his viewers that the cost is prohibitive. He will not make any honest attempt to factor the social costs endured by society supporting the ecocidal fossil industry. The value of employing local jobs and products. The building of a sustainable infrastructure for future future generations as well as helping to lower the cost per kW for those that follow. The value of augmenting the installation with far more affordable negi-watts via efficiency first. The least expensive power is the power one does not use. Buy far.

    I hope that I am wrong and apologize in advance if I accuse you unfairly Bill, but your reputation and carbon foot print precedes you.

    A very satisfied Solar PV consumer and even producer in the summer months. Leif

  4. John McCormick says:

    Maybe a million to one shot, but if Mr. O’Reilly tunes into this blog, I want him to know that solar installation will not make him independent of OPEC. OPEC provides us OIL and solar provides electricity. He’s not the first or the last person to be confused on that point.

  5. Steve Funk says:

    One possible approach to conservatives–don’t marginalize yourselves by denying the science which is becoming ever more evident. Instead, look at the possible solutions that are consistent with your values. Conservatives are often fascinated by technology, and willing to try things like solar panels and hybrids.

  6. M Tucker says:

    It is interesting that O’Billy did not bother to explain why he was having trouble finding an installer. Maybe the White House is having the same problem. This does not look good for Obama’s alleged interest in providing jobs of any kind, green jobs in particular, and supporting local businesses.

  7. Mark Shapiro says:

    Installing solar panels on the White House is more complex than installing them on my private roof, which is more complex than it should be (building codes, engineering, and tax issues).

    The White House is government property, plus there are security and Secret Service issues.

    The main thing is that the next President not remove them.

  8. Mark Shapiro says:

    OT, but what happened to yesterday’s post about Obama?

    Has the post been dropped somehow?

  9. Sam says:

    Hope he goes for the solar based power in his house. He has lot power to convince other followers of this show to think about solar power.
    Free Energy Audit

  10. prokaryotes says:

    Maybe they work on a solution to make the house self sustaining, completely. Solar cells have been part of the white house during the Carter area 3o years ago. Just putting up some PV is nothing really special anymore :)

  11. Joe Romm says:

    Being revised.

  12. Mike#22 says:

    Not sure what your thinking. The PV/wind/plug in vehicle synergy is the fastest way to depart from fossil fuel transportation, so PV can displace OPEC

    Technology is ready now. Costs are good at scale. Mr. O’Reilly could certainly afford a few plug ins and a nice size PV system, if he was serious about this. But if he was serious, he’d walk over to his neighbor’s place that has the big PV system and get the installer’s name.

  13. Artful Dodger says:

    John, he’s not confused, he’s confusing. Deliberately. That’s how he earns his living at Faux Noise.

    If Bill drove a plug-in hybrid or a full electric, he’d already be independent from OPEC. Except for his paycheck:

    “Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, through his Kingdom Holding Company, owns 7% of News Corp.’s shares, making Kingdom Holdings the second largest shareholder.” (The Murdoch family is the largest shareholder)

  14. Jessen says:

    Replacing existing coal with just PV would be enough of a challenge, let alone oil. But unless Bill does plan on buying a plugin car, he personally will remain dependent on OPEC. And really (though not ideally), he could skip the panels and still get OPEC out of his life. But this line of discourse might at least help him avoid looking like a greenie to his audience.

  15. Scharmel Roussel says:

    I hope Bill has a good south-facing roof and a positive experience. I e-mailed him yesterday to describe how the solar panels on my roof have exceeded expectations. Most of my bills are 0. I’m not wealthy like Bill – just a middle-class grandmother who wants a better world for future generations. If I can afford it, Bill can. And by the way… I was in Seville, Spain last month; the tour guide said that all new construction is required to include solar panels. compulsory. mandatory. Seville now gets 30% of its electricity from solar sources. – Scharmel in Arkansas