‘Farm Dust’ Bill Exempts Open-Pit Mining Pollution And More

It's just "dust."

Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, which “goes beyond its commonly stated farm dust mission to exempt a variety of situations from Clean Air Act authority,” including particulate pollution from open-pit mining, lead smelters and chemical and industrial facilities.

Republicans are running a shell game based on numerous lies:

— Even though dust related to industrial agriculture can be toxic and dangerous, conservatives like Newt Gingrich mock the threat.

— Even though the Environmental Protection Agency isn’t planning any new regulations, Republicans claim the EPA is trying to issue a new rule.

— Using “farm dust” as cover, Republicans write legislative language to exempt toxic pollution from mining and other industrial activities.

The “farm dust” scam is pernicious and deadly. But it’s a polluter lobbyist’s dream.


Timothy Noah calls out the New York Times Magazine for saying dust regulation is “minutiae”: “Not to nitpick here, but farm-dust regulation isn’t ‘entrepreneurial minutiae.’ It’s political bullshit. There is no pending farm-dust regulation.”

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