Inhofe: Calling Climate Change “The Greatest Hoax Ever” Is “Doing The Lord’s Work”

by Brad Johnson, cross-posted from TP Green

In a new interview with Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) reiterated his delusional claim that manmade global warming is “the greatest hoax ever.” Inhofe believes that the last eight years of record warmth and catastrophic weather have vindicated his claim, and that he is “doing the Lord’s work” by demonizing attempts to limit fossil fuel pollution:

You might remember, it was 2003 when I made the statement that the idea that manmade gases, CO2, are causing catastrophic global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. I was hated at that time, but now people realize I was right. That, by the way, is the title of my book that’s going to come out in January.

“We’re both doing the Lord’s work, Noel,” he told his interviewer.

Inhofe’s assessment is not shared by many.

Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, believes there is a “global responsibility” to find the “moral will” to combat the “threatening catastrophe” of climate change.

American ecumenical organizations including Church World Service and the National Council of Churches of Christ have sent letters to President Obama, urging him to do all he can towards reaching “a fair, ambitious and binding agreement that sets forth a truly moral response to climate change.”

“Global climate change is predominantly caused by our burning of fossil fuels,” Inhofe’s own church, the Presbyterian Church of the USA, has recognized. The church issued a resolution in 2008 that “calls upon all Presbyterians to take this seriously, to pray asking for God’s forgiveness and guidance, to study this issue, to calculate your carbon emissions, to educate others, and to use less energy, striving to make your life carbon neutral.”

Brad Johnson is editor of Think Progress Green.

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25 Responses to Inhofe: Calling Climate Change “The Greatest Hoax Ever” Is “Doing The Lord’s Work”

  1. Inhoffe is a bag boy for the carbon fuel industry.

  2. SecularAnimist says:

    Brad Johnson wrote: “Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) reiterated his delusional claim …”

    It is not a “delusional claim”. It is a deliberate lie.

    People who tell deliberate lies in order to perpetrate fraud for profit are not “delusional”. They are dishonest.

    Those who imagine that Inhofe believes his blatantly false statements to be true, or that Inhofe even cares whether or not they are true, are, well, delusional.

  3. Electing Inhofe as a senator is doing the devil’s work…

  4. Interesting Times says:

    It seems even God himself was trying to give Inhofe a hint:

    After Getting Sick From Algae Bloom Exacerbated by Heat Wave and Drought, Inhofe Jokes the “Environment Strikes Back”

    As usual, dumbkopf-Inhofe is too rock-stupid and enthralled to the oil industry to notice.

  5. John B Hodges says:

    You misinterpret his words… when he says “the Lord” he is not referring to Yahveh or any other god, he is referring to the person of Exxon.

  6. Mike Roddy says:

    Maybe he’s right, from his twisted perspective.

    A lot of these guys from the Bible Belt believe that Armageddon is coming. Global warming, by speeding things up, is a win-win for them- the infidels get burned up, and Inhofe and their friends and relatives will get whisked up to Heaven in their pods, and listen to ecstatic harp music for eternity.

    In the meantime, they get to drive their Ford 350’s, and watch the NFL on the big flatscreen in their wood/vinyl mansion’s Great Room.

    And people wonder how Inhofe consistently makes the Dumbest Senator honor rolls.

  7. TKPGH says:

    Inhofe must be completely off his rocker. Even the Koch-funded BEST study results haven’t registered with the ultra-Right.

    On the other hand, I met Senators Casey and Klobuchar at an event in Pittsburgh over the weekend and they seem content to let this ride until after the election, in spite of the warnings we keep getting from everyone from the National Acedemy to the Pope. I just can’t grasp their though process.

  8. John Tucker says:

    There is a nice article in the Atlantic surveying the current dismal GOP performance on climate change in the public sphere. Titled aptly:

    Heads in the Sand ( )

    “I think that there is some genuine soul-searching going on,” said a GOP operative who, like most of the party’s staffers and strategists interviewed for this story, spoke only on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue. “If you look around at the environment, there’s nobody smart [saying], ‘No, there’s nothing going on.’ But the tea party is a political necessity.”

  9. Leif says:

    After millions and even billions of dollars invested in the process, the Tea Party, corporate owned Media, and gullible journalists are the best they can come up with. Pull the money, it all collapses.

  10. Anne says:

    Please Lord, make Jim Inhofe run for US President. Pretty please, with Jesus sprinkled on top, PLEEEEZE?

  11. John Tucker says:

    I wander if all the attempts to promote “non economically “disruptive” and quasi “free market” ()i.e. cap and trade) solutions are not totally lost.

    If no reasonable compromise is possible why triangulate a partial/ineffective “solution” with respect to compromise?

  12. John Tucker says:

    hehehe – wonder as i wander.

  13. Daniel J. Andrews says:

    Inhofe, not content to have his wilful ignorance immortalized on youtube, is going to enshrine it within the pages of a book.

    Funny thing though, I thought Evolution was the greatest hoax ever. Considering the twisted arguments they use (evolution = evil atheists endangering the souls of your children, resulted in the Holocaust, etc) I’d have thought that was waayyyyyy up the scale of hoaxiness, far above global warming. Hmm, wouldn’t cosmology and astronomy also be way up on the list of hoaxes too since they also provide evidence contradicting a young earth?

    Incidentally, what happens when a Holocaust denier tries to use the evolution+Hitler=Holocaust argument? There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance I’d pay to see.

  14. Merrelyn Emery says:

    No need to pull the money. It’s all collapsing now as reality touches more and more people, ME

  15. Greg Wellman says:

    I have two conflicting hopes for Sen. Inhofe.
    1. That he drop dead tomorrow.
    2. That he live long enough to see drastic climate changes (both physical and political) and his name become an epithet.

  16. Robert says:

    Yes, Mike, you’re 1/3 correct. The Abrahamic religions all have Armageddon-style endings to our existence. Bill Maher’s film “Religulous” really hits the nail on the head when, at the end of the film, he states: “Religion must die in order for humanity to survive. It’s that simple: grow up, or die”. I left behind my Roman Catholic heritage within the last year when I realized that my devout Catholic friends and family members are enablers to this kind of belief system. They fully believe, as did I, that “Christ will come again”, as the Catholics chant in unison each Sunday. They may say that they understand that man is causing accelerated climate change, and that they accept the science that clearly shows man’s influence, but what they really mean is that End Times are near, as the prophecies foretold.

    As climate change becomes more and more obvious even to the most ignorant and hardened deniers, we will see more and more evangelical religious movements within our societies. Rick Perry’s “The Response”, the Oklahoma governor’s similar prayer rally, the rise of the dominionists movement…all are clear indicators that many amongst us refuse to act as mature, rational, clear thinking adults.

    If we give them the power to control our societies, they will abuse it in the most awful ways imaginable. They make their intentions clear, and they are emboldened by the catastrophes we see now in the floods, heavy rains, hurricanes, crop damage, droughts, etc. To them, these are clear signs that their saviour is coming soon.

    It’s beginning to become clear, at least to me, that battle lines are being drawn between science and religion. The 93% of the members of the NAS who are atheists should be speaking out about this, as should the 20% or so of Americans who are non-religious. Religion seeks to dumb-down society, and they’re doing a right bang-up job, too. Americans can no longer claim to be tops in math & science. The rest of the developed world now looks at us in amazement as we allow the religious wingnuts to have access to the power centers of American society, we argue that Intelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution, that the Bible is an historical document, that dinosaurs existed at the same time as humans. How much more absurd can our culture grow…?

  17. TKPGH says:

    Would anyone care to speculate on the possible public response to Obama doing a Sheldon Whitehouse-type climate/oceans speech? Do we have the capacity to accept the challange if the President were to do what Kennedy did during the Space Race?

  18. Artful Dodger says:

    Yes, “Lord”: (n) Master; a man of noble rank or high office; a peer.

    Which makes Sen Inhofe a Serf. Peasant. Indentured servant.

  19. a face in the clouds says:

    Senator Inhofe has been willing to say just about anything to try and soothe militiamen ever since he got caught covering up the purpose of a manmade canyon being dug in Oklahoma back in the 1990’s. Turned out to be a new penitentiary. These people have a pretty long memory about things like subterranean prisons, so it’s doubtful they’ll be buying the book despite the title. But then all 5 or 10 million copies have probably been pre-ordered by oil and gas companies anyway. Guess it’s considered environmentally conscious to save trees by not actually publishing the books.

    Now about that title. We all know that tempting God is not the Lord’s work. And we all agree that by now Jesus can smell a trap a mile away. So, do you reckon he’s just messing with Inhofe’s head? Or is Inhofe’s Lord actually the Devil? Might help explain all of those cattle mutilations in Oklahoma.

  20. BlueRock says:

    “We’re doing the Lord’s work.”

    How many monsters in history have used those words as justification for atrocities?

  21. Spike says:

    This is a perversion of Christianity.

    “By their fruits ye shall know them” I guess.

  22. Calamity Jean says:

    His grandchildren will die cursing his name.

  23. Calamity Jean says:

    Or the Great God Mammon.

    A few weeks ago a bunch of fundies gathered to pray around the bull sculpture on Wall Street. Worshipping the Golden Calf?

  24. jean says:

    lnhofe does boast that he wins elections with gun,gays and god…I I cannot imagine a person lying so much..NYTimes(12/3/11) had a long article on How Congressman Dan Boren workd for Natural gas,makes a lot of money from defending fracking,may run for Governor of Okla to continue his family’s legacy of running Oklahoma..No way Oklahoma will stop the subsidies to oil/gas

  25. RelayeR says:

    “They fully believe”…

    I’m not sure about that… They fervently hope. Hope being the key word. One thing that is never far away from faith is doubt. Cuz deep inside, they know they don’t really know for sure. People of faith subconsciously know that they rest upon thin air. They lack the confidence provided by hardly-deniable science. It’s also the reason why they get angry so quickly when you challenge their POV. They have faith but lack confidence, certainty. When someone dies, they say he’s in a better place, and then they cry. Why? Cuz they don’t know for sure that he is in a better place, or that they will ever be reunited.

    So, I don’t think they fully believe… they fully hope, but they’re doubtful. They’re not honest about it because their training (brainwashing) tells them that doubt is a by-product of the evil one. And things like: “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Abandoning doubt and uncertainty is a virtue for them.

    Apparently, whoever wrote the bible was wise enough back then to understand that evidence would be hard to come by.