BP: Halliburton ‘Intentionally Destroyed Evidence’ Of Culpability In Gulf Oil Spill

The U.S. faced the worst oil spill on record in 2010 after the explosion of the oil giant BP’s rig killed 11 people and spilled 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. More than a year later, those accountable are still trying to evade responsibility. In fact, according to BP, Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. — the company contracted on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig — “intentionally destroyed evidence” to avoid incurring sanctions in a lawsuit against the company. BP alleges that Halliburton not only failed to provide “inexplicably missing” computer modeling results, but destroyed evidence on cement testing “to eliminate any risk that this evidence would be used against it at trial.”Halliburton is reviewing the motion but stated, “we believe that the conclusions that BP is asking the court to draw is without merit.” A federal report released in September that BP, Halliburton, and Transocean all “violated a number of federal offshore safety regulations” and share responsibility for the spill.

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