Gore Is ‘Sorry’ About Newt’s Climate Betrayal, Says He’s Been ‘Bludgeoned’ By Special Interests

Vice President Al Gore is disappointed that Newt Gingrich has turned his back on climate action after having appeared in one of his global warming ads, but doesn’t take it personally. Campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination this year, Gingrich has said the ad he did with Nancy Pelosi in 2007 was the “dumbest single thing I’ve done.” Gore told the Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur that he thinks the Republican candidates are being “bludgeoned” by special interests to “toe the line”:

I appreciated him agreeing to my request that he did it, and I don’t want to be ungracious now. I’m grateful that he did it, and I’m sorry that he’s changed his position. But what it says is more about the condition of the political system today, particularly in the Republican Party, but really across the board. The special interests have so much power, they’re really able to bludgeon the candidates to toe the line.

Watch it:

“Mitt Romney used to have a different position,” Gore noted when asked about Jon Huntsman’s recent climate reversal. “Several of them did.”

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