Omnibus Contains Tea Party ‘Light Bulb Ban’ Rider

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"Omnibus Contains Tea Party ‘Light Bulb Ban’ Rider"

The late-night conference agreement on an omnibus funding bill for the federal government for the rest of fiscal 2012 “includes a provision proposed by the House prohibiting funds to implement or enforce higher efficiency light bulb standards.” This Tea Party “light bulb ban” rider is opposed by lighting manufacturers. “Eliminating funding for light bulb efficiency standards is especially poor policy as it would leave the policy in place but make it impossible to enforce, undercutting domestic manufacturers who have invested millions of dollars in U.S. plants to make new incandescent bulbs that meet the standards,” a coalition of dozens of lighting manufacturers, efficiency groups and environmentalists said in a letter this week to senators.


Koch Industries attorney Glenn Reynolds: “Awesome news if this pans out!”


Apologies to conservative blogger, lawyer, and global warming denier Glenn Reynolds, whom ThinkProgress Green inadvertently confused with John Hinderaker, a conservative blogger, lawyer, and global warming denier whose firm has Koch Industries as a client.

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