Over 1,000 Confirmed Dead In Philippine Floods From Typhoon Washi

Tropical storm Washi, known locally in the Philippines as Sendong, has killed over 1000 people in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, dumping over a foot of water onto mountains denuded by deforestation, sweeping away entire villages and flooding the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan with devastating mudslides. “The latest tally showed a total of 1,002 people have been confirmed dead, including 650 in Cagayan de Oro and an additional 283 in nearby Iligan city, said Benito Ramos, head of the Civil Defense Office.” More than 33,000 people will spend Christmas and New Year’s in emergency shelters. Philippine President Benigno Aquino declared a ban on logging in February after torrential floods killed dozens but weak law enforcement and corruption makes it a recurring problem.” Washi is now poised to make landfall in Malaysia and threatens southern Thailand, already wracked by the costliest floods in the nation’s history, with further floods.

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