Obama: We Don’t Have To ‘Make A Choice Between Having Clean Air And Clean Water And Growing This Economy’

President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, 5/21/2010

Republicans, including the GOP-led House of Representatives and presidential field, have tried battering record clean air and water standards set this year by the Environmental Protection Agency. Speaking to EPA staff today, President Obama discussed his commitment to efforts toward cleaner air. In his remarks, Obama highlighted EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s leadership in creating a major new EPA rule that cuts mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants:

See the president’s comments:

Over the past three years, because of your hard work, we’ve made historic progress on all these fronts. Just a few weeks ago, thanks to the hard work of so many of you, Lisa and I was able to announce new common-sense standards to better protect the air we breathe from mercury and other harmful air pollution. And that was a big deal. And part of the reason it was a big deal was because, for over 20 years, special interest groups had successfully delayed implementing these standards when it came to our nation’s power plants. And what we said was: “Enough.” It’s time to get this done. […]

Because of you, across the board, we’re cutting down on acid rain and air pollution. We’re making our drinking water cleaner and safer. We’re creating healthier communities. But that’s not all. Safeguarding our environment is also about strengthening our economy. I do not buy the notion that we have to make a choice between having clean air and clean water and growing this economy in a robust way. I think that is a false debate.

While the administration received major criticism for delaying an EPA-set smog standard in September, Obama said today, “I want you to know that you’ve got a president who is grateful for your work and will stand with you every inch of the way as you carry out your mission.”

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