Texas Anti-Science News Director Complains That Climate-Denying Weathermen Are Being Outed

The network of climate deniers who pollute America’s local newscasts with anti-science propaganda includes Neil Barton, the news director of NBC affiliate KETK-TV in Tyler, Texas. On Monday’s evening newscast, Barton responded with outrage to the Forecast The Facts campaign that challenges the American Meteorological Society to oppose science denial by television meteorologists. Barton complained that Forecast The Facts and ThinkProgress Green are “outing” those who say “pish-posh to the whole idea of global warming”:

Now, a new progressive website is outing weather people who don’t agree with far-left thinking. is outing TV weather folks who have gone on record saying pish-posh to the whole idea of global warming. They put the weather person’s statements about why they won’t get on board under the heading “zombie quotes.”

Watch it:

Of course, the reality of man-made climate change isn’t “far-left thinking.” It’s a scientific fact recognized by the American Meteorological Society, along with essentially every other scientific society in the world.

KETK’s chief meteorologist, Scott Chesner, is a global warming denier as well. “Predicting the weather in the long range is an impossible feat the farther out in time you go, its just another reason why especially in terms of trying to predict man’s influence on the climate — totally preposterous!” Chesner said last December.

Barton (@KETK_NeilBarton), invited viewers to respond to him by email at

KETK is owned by the private Communications Corporation of America, which also operates the region’s Fox network affiliate KFXK.

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