It’s Cold In Alaska, So Sarah Palin Asks: ‘What Global Warming?’

In a post on her Facebook page, former Alaska governor and former GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin noted that Alaska school children don’t get out of school until temperatures drop below -55 degrees fahrenheit. Putting up a photo of her son doing chores in -20 degree weather, Palin asks: “Global warming? What global warming?” Palin notes “the balmy 65 degree (above zero) weather in the Beltway today” — a record high. Nonetheless, Palin is making the common mistake of confusing weather with climate change. She might not notice it, but the pattern of warming is clear. Even the U.S.’s northernmost city — in Alaska — felt the effects last year with “a record-breaking 86 consecutive days at or above freezing, far more than the previous record of 68 days set in 2009.” (HT: Blake Hounshell)

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