AMS-Approved TV Meteorologist André Bernier: ‘Global COOLING’ Is ‘Inevidible’

AMS-approved TV meteorologist André Bernier is a climate denier.

Cleveland television meteorologist André Bernier, one of the weathermen exposed by the Forecast the Facts campaign as a climate science denier, believes in “global cooling.” Bernier, the chief meteorologist for Fox affiliate WJW-TV in Cleveland, OH, has an active American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval.

Linking to a mendacious Daily Mail article on his website, Bernier deliberately misrepresents the findings of the UK Meteorological Office that show the 2000s are the hottest decade on record:

Could it be that the very same climatic research group that gave us “Climategate” and researchers that appeared to be “cooking the books” when it came to global temperature records are now admitting that an even BIGGER issue is the global COOLING which is inevidible in the decades ahead? Could we start seeing a shorter growing season and frequent bitter cold in the winter? Could we even start seeing the River Thames freezing over like during the “Little Ice Age” of the Charles Dickens’ Scrooge era?

Bernier tweeted in January: “The day that @ametsoc (AMS) strong arms anyone to tow [sic] the AGW is the day I disown them.”

The American Meteorological Society has emailed its membership with a debunking of the Daily Mail article.

Bernier’s scientific training is a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Lyndon State College. An evangelical Christian, he states that he presents “the wonderful world of weather from a God-honoring perspective.”

Fellow Cleveland television weatherman Mark Johnson — an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist — is also an anti-science climate denier. The two million people in the Cleveland metropolitan area who watch these stations are being deceived about the civilizational threat of manmade climate change by ideologues, with the approval of the American Meteorological Society.

The Forecast the Facts campaign by the Citizen Engagement Lab, League of Conservation Voters, and is mobilizing citizens who believe that television meteorologists — the primary science communicators for most Americans — should promote scientific integrity, not fossil-fueled ideology.

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