Doonesbury Takes on the Climate Change Deniers


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5 Responses to Doonesbury Takes on the Climate Change Deniers

  1. joyce says:

    Cut that out of our paper this AM and put it on my supervisor’s desk. How True!

  2. mushroom george says:

    The last panel should point out the futility of arguing with his wife. Global warming alarmists are immune to facts.

  3. caerbannog says:

    Well, mushroom george’s name gives us a clue as to where his fossil-fuel handlers keep him and what they feed him…

  4. kermit says:

    M. George, we hear that accusation a lot, and yet those posts rarely have any alleged facts in them. Perhaps you could offer a handful? Preferably some that will stand up to scrutiny.

  5. Lisa Boucher says:

    “immune to facts”

    Projection is fun. Right, George?