Doonesbury Takes on the Whole Anti-Science Industry

Gary Trudeau is running a whole week on the disinformers.


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5 Responses to Doonesbury Takes on the Whole Anti-Science Industry

  1. John Tucker says:

    Good for Gary Trudeau! The US just had its fourth warmest January on record ( )

    …Many locations across the Northern Plains exceeded all-time warm January maximum temperature records during the month…

  2. John Tucker says:

    There was also an interesting area over a spot in wester Alaska that posted some cold average records due to an unusual persistent event (not so much cold extreme daily records but a long inversion related situation)

    Here is a discussion [ ]

  3. Steve O says:

    I’m sure Joe will have a post soon on today’s glacier study in Nature.
    For your reading pleasure, here are the various headlines associated with that study:

    NASA satellites reveal colossal ice melt, greenhouse gasses blamed
    Christian Science Monitor

    The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows
    The Guardian

    Earth’s Polar Ice Melting Less Than Thought
    U.S. News & World Report

    Glacier Dandruff in the Billions
    Discovery News

    Meltdown: Earth Rapidly Losing Ice Cover
    National Journal

    Scientists melt mystery over icecaps and sea levels
    The Daily Star

  4. John Tucker says:

    Quite a range to work with!

  5. Edith Wiethorn says:

    Excellent! I’ve been thinking about personalized news this way for some time … :-)