Humorous Video Shows Coal and Nuclear Towers Fighting for Their Lives

The UK renewable energy company Ecotricity just released an amusing video ad as part of its Dump the Big Six social media campaign designed to get Europeans to ditch the “big six” traditional power providers for Ecotricity’s services.

Ecotricity calls itself the “world’s first green electricity company” devoted exclusively to procuring and selling renewable electrons. The company is also developing projects to support biogas and displace the use of natural gas.

I love the ad. But I’m a bit confused as to how this will make people want to move away from coal and nuclear?  I have to say, those tea-drinking cooling towers are kind of cute….


6 Responses to Humorous Video Shows Coal and Nuclear Towers Fighting for Their Lives

  1. catman306 says:

    I know art when I see it!

  2. john tucker says:

    Unfortunately bio gas supplementation is orders of magnitude less than natural gas usage rates – meaning for instance in Germany by 2030 their bio gas generation if all goes well, will be at about one tenth of their natural gas usage now.

    But it makes for good PR in fortifying the NG infrastructure and vehicle conversion to NG.

    Nuclear power is not even close to polluting like coal nor does it have even close to the same greenhouse signature.

    Also all nuclear power is not equal.

  3. Zach says:

    If climate “hawks” are really serious about saving the climate, they should embrace 4th generation nuclear power and stop the goofy crusade against a form of energy that offsets over 2 billion tons of carbon every year.

  4. Leif says:

    Green energy in my book means distributed energy. It has the potential to be a cash cow to all outside the cities and cut the middleman out of some of the profit stream. A very important goal in terms or equalizing the wealth disparity. Both here in the USA and in the third world. An under appreciated value of the Green Awakening Economy.

  5. Speedy says:

    Agreed, the delusion that we can decarbonize with just unreliable wind and solar only helps fossil fuel interests.

    James Hansen is a strong proponent nuclear, from “Cowards in our democracies, part 2”:

    Clinton, in his 1994 State of the Union message, said “We are eliminating programs that are no longer needed, such as nuclear power research and development.” Not needed? They did not know about a need for clean energy then? They had not heard about climate change? They were satisfied with existing nuclear technology? I don’t think so. A more likely interpretation is that the anti-nukes in the Democratic Party got wind of the fact that Argonne National Laboratory was ready to build a demonstration 4th generation nuclear power plant – that scared the pants off anti-nukes who had dedicated their life to the cause. Such technology would allow us to burn all of the nuclear fuel, rather than 1%, and solve the nuclear waste problem.

    We know how to make 4th generation reactors that would free us from the need to mine uranium for 1000 years, as we have enough nuclear waste and excess weapon material to provide fuel for these reactors for that long. With this technology the nuclear fuel we can extract from the ocean is inexhaustible on the time scale of billions of years, at least as long as the sun will shine, putting it in the same category as solar and wind power.

    The biggest advantage of nuclear power is its safety. Every year fossil fuels kill about 1,000,000 people. Nuclear power kills nobody. The worst nuclear accident possible with 50 year old western technology occurred last year at Fukushima. 20,000 people died from the tsunami, but none from the release of nuclear radiation. The accident was very inconvenient for anybody living nearby, which is not surprising, given that a cluster of reactors were placed on a coastline in an earthquake zone, without protection from any tsunami exceeding a few meters, and requiring power for cooling. Would anybody build such a reactor today? No, there are 3rd generation light-water reactors available now with passive cooling, i.e., a convective cooling system that does not require power. Using the Fukushima accident as a reason not to build new reactors is as foolish as saying that an airplane accident killing many people is a reason to never build another airplane. A sensible policy is to check what went wrong and build a safer one.

  6. John Tucker says:

    EIA published new US estimates today. Closer inspection reveals that while the renewable contribution grows BOTH COAL AND GAS grow in use and we are using more of them in 2035.
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