The Center for American Progress Hearts Climate Scientists!

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the I Heart Climate Scientists campaign, a group of us at the Center for American Progress wanted to show some love for the climate scientists who have been harassed, threatened and dragged into the circus sideshow that is U.S politics.

We heart you. We highly value your important scientific work. And we know you’re not part of a vast conspiracy to control the world — because if you were, you’d be doing a lot better than the folks who do control the world!

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5 Responses to The Center for American Progress Hearts Climate Scientists!

  1. Wes Rolley says:

    It seems so ironic that in the week of Darwin’s Birthday (02/12/1809), we still have to send our love to today’s scientists.

  2. caerbannog says:

    Here’s yet another example of what climate scientists are up against — all the more reason for patriotic Americans (and Aussies and Brits, etc.) to push back against the bullying.

    “We have had to supply police protection for speeches by climate scientists. It’s a sad reflection on the state of affairs when scientists risk harm because of their views.”

    –Professor Dan Farber, UC Berkeley

    Linky here:

  3. WaltTheMan says:

    About time these folks get recognized. Thanks, CfAP!

  4. Solar Jim says:

    Thanks to all climate scientists.

    Now start speaking out as if all children’s lives depended on policy enactment based on your analyses and observations.

    You are the doctors (in this admittedly madhouse). Remember what MAD means. This is MAD II.