Conservation Hawks Founder: “If Climate Change Isn’t Real, I’ll Give You My Beretta”

The founder of Conservation Hawks, an organization of sportsmen dedicated to fighting climate change, will give up his gun if global warming is a hoax.

A Beretta Silver Pigeon 12 gauge shotgun

“If you can convince Conservation Hawks chairman Todd Tanner that he’s wasting his time, that he does not have to worry about climate change, he will present to you his most prized possession: A Beretta Silver Pigeon 12 gauge over/under that was a gift from his wife, and has been a faithful companion on many a Montana bird hunt,” Hal Herring writes at The Conservationist. “I know the gun, and I’ve hunted and fished with Todd for years. He’s not kidding. You convince him, he’ll give you the gun.”

Let’s say you are walking down a trail in the wilderness with your wife and kids, and you come upon a grizzly sow, standing on a carcass. She charges, flat out. You’re in front of your family. What do you do? Just give up? Pretend it’s not happening? Let her maul you and everything your care about? Of course you don’t. You take action. That is how I see climate change. It’s real, it’s threatening everything we love. Not taking action is not an option. rebuffed the argument that action on global warming pollution just means a government takeover. “You want to talk about government intrusion, think about what it means if we don’t address this now while we have the time and resources,” he said. “We will lose the freedoms that we have because somebody—and it will be government—will be in an all out effort to try and address the effects. To try and address the effects of our neglect. We’ll face the worst thing of all—losing our freedom. And we’ll already have lost most of hunting and fishing. That’s how serious I believe this is.”

So those of you who deny the threat of global warming — Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, David Koch—this [gun] could be yours if you can convince Tanner that there’s really just a scientific conspiracy to trick people that greenhouse pollution is dangerous.

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11 Responses to Conservation Hawks Founder: “If Climate Change Isn’t Real, I’ll Give You My Beretta”

  1. I never thought that I would see the day that as a scientist I might regret that the overwhelming data suggesting that climate change is a real phenomenon. This makes me wish I were on the other side as an uninformed, biased unbeliever. Too bad because this it’s a very nice firearm. Must say though that my first choice for defending my family against grizzlies would be a short barreled Winchester pump action (so it could fit into a backpack) with alternating solid slugs and 12 gauge pellets.

  2. Steve McKechnie says:

    Will 3% of Americans ever have the privlage of being close to a wild grizzly or even hear the big bad wolf? To bad, like Sarah Palin, Americans can’t grow past the “everything natural is deadly” mindset.
    Respecting and understanding life is the best way to put an end to using our environment as a dump.

  3. One of the problems that some “progressives” have is not using their allies in these fights. Not only are the Climate Hawks our allies, but in effort after effort, those who try to build a sustainable future find common cause with those who spend so much of their lives dealing with nature.

    Example: One of the most pressing concerns in California is the fate of the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta. It is the source of both urban water for our cities and ag water for our farms. Left out of that controversy is the idea that without a sustainable ecosystem, neither side will win. The real activists in this battle are the sports fishing organizations, the local land owners whose land and livelihood are being bartered away through political compromises. It is time that we pick our battles carefully and choose our friend wisely.

  4. WVhybrid says:

    I think you are really on to something here. If someone were to put up some type of big dollar X prize (in million dollar plus range?) to prove that global warming is a hoax (with peer reviewed data, conclusive evidence, etc.) then maybe we could shut hoaxers up. Any time a politician claims that climate change is a hoax, the rebuttal can always be “have you applied for the “climate is a hoax” X prize?

    This effort could be pretty much the spoon bender folks have been marginalized (but unfortunately not shut down) by real skeptic James Randi.

    A prestigious, leading scientific organization in the US could be asked to be the arbitrator… say US National Academy of Science.

  5. WVhybrid says:

    Sorry about the grammatical errors in my post above.

    A “X prize” type award could be very effective one climate denier in particular – Burt Rutan, because he won the space launch X prize.

    Oh, BTW, while I have this idea, the amount of money I could put up to the prize is several orders of magnitude too small.

  6. Andy G says:

    This is a great piece of climate change messaging. An authentic American voice supporting real shared values. This type of message from the heart and gut is not what us scientists do well, and I for one will be supporting Todd Tanner and Conservation Hawks to spread his message far and wide.

  7. Barry Saxifrage says:

    Great messaging: an ounce government regulation now can prevent a tonne of Big Brother later.

    Joe has been good at highlighting this reality for a long time. More folks should pick up on it when talking to anti-big-government folks.

    Failure to prevent climate change from getting too extreme will result in wartime levels of government intrusion into all levels of our lives when the crisis eventually unfolds.

  8. Leif says:

    While each of us may not have a million bucks I could sure pledge $10 upon delivery of proof. A million of us would be able to underwrite $10 million. Surely something to work for.

  9. Russell Seitz says:

    Get back to me when Tanner offers to fit the winner with a pair of best London make side-by-sides.

  10. BillD says:

    I just made a modest, tax deductible contribution to “Climate Hawks.” I have to believe, deep down, that the truth is more powerful than lies. At some point, education and groups like Conservation Hawks will overcome the lie campaigns run by the likes of Heartland.

    Climate Hawks are based in Montana. Having allies on the ground in a state with a lot of coal is a good thing.

  11. Eli Rabett says:

    We forget at our cost that the flyways for migratory fowl were saved by hunters and the duck stamp program as well as conservation groups.