Romney’s Latest Clean Energy Attack: ‘You Can’t Drive A Car With A Windmill On It’

Aping Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney is bashing clean energy as a liberal fantasy. Campaigning yesterday in Youngstown, Ohio, Romney claimed that President Barack Obama lives in an “imaginary world” where clean energy powers the economy. Romney attacked administration commitments to clean energy that reduce U.S. dependence on oil and fight climate change. To illustrate his point, Romney told his Ohio audience, “you can’t drive a car with a windmill on it”:

We all like wind and solar, but you can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.

Watch it:

The candidate infamous for the dog-on-car road trip could have used a better example.

In a Columbus Dispatch op-ed, Romney also dismissed wind and solar while vouching for more drilling:

In place of real energy, Obama has focused on an imaginary world where government-subsidized windmills and solar panels could power the economy. This vision has failed. His promise of 5 million green jobs vanished as fast as the $500 million he gave to his campaign donors at now-bankrupt Solyndra. His goal of 1 million electric cars went up in flames alongside the Chevy Volt batteries that prompted a recall of all 8,000 sold so far.

Romney continually underestimates the wind and solar sectors, which total $187 billion in global investment, including biomass. Not too long ago, Romney wrote that “even these few” green jobs are “illusory,” overlooking the very real 100,000 jobs in solar alone. Meanwhile, the “imaginary” wind industry saw $11 billion investment in 2010, and a cumulative $78 billion since 1980.

Romney is striking a similar note as Rush Limbaugh, who yesterday claimed “there’s no wind energy.”

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