Must-See Global Warming Video: What We Knew In 1982

by Peter Sinclair, via Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Mike MacCracken was the first high level climate scientist that Al Gore introduced me to in Nashville, some 5 years ago. Although I knew something about the issue, and had some background reading and writing about energy and environment – Mike very quickly made me realize how much I had wrong,  and how much I had to learn. He has been a reliable and generous advisor and mentor ever since. I owe him a lot for his patience in answering questions and pointing me to people and resources I needed to be aware of.

A few months ago, I became aware of a video of Mike’s presentation on Climate Change at Sandia Labs in  August 1982. The contrast between what scientists already knew even 30 years ago, and the pathetically slow response to this gathering storm, prompted me to want to find out what Mike was thinking now, with three decades of perspective.

I interviewed Mike at the Universty of Michigan in February, where we both attended a climate conference a the Erb School for Global Sustainable Enterprise.\ (he was invited. I kind of crashed the party and was allowed to hang out.)

11 Responses to Must-See Global Warming Video: What We Knew In 1982

  1. prokaryotes says:

    An inconvenient truth…again.

  2. Sailesh Rao says:

    I wish climate scientists and climate activists would go Organic Vegan, en masse, and explain why they are doing it.

    That is, don’t just say we have to take concerted action, but take concerted action that makes a difference.

  3. prokaryotes says:

    Fun Fact

    Monarchy: when power is concentrated in the hands of a few families; 200 families in the world today control 75% of its wealth.!/OvertDictionary/status/184420045521297408

    Now translate this power for potential influences, action – into pure climate action.

  4. Lollipop says:

    We have potential Deep Water Horizon in the North Sea: This time it’s gas. Sure is a good thing methane can’t do any environmental damage. Oh. Wait.

  5. Andy Olsen says:

    Thank you for posting this video. It is powerful and persuasive. Most people agree we need to act and we are being held up mainly by the powerful fossil fuel oligarchs, but also by the inaction of the rest of us to press them to do better.

    This video deserves a better name, by the way. “Crock of the week” seems understated.

  6. “Past performance does not guarantee future results” means we are unlikely to learn or change if we carry on as before. This frees us to make significant changes.

  7. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    The You Tube comments go along way to demonstrating the blinkers that we all have. The way he puts it all together is more than a little scary, especially as I only saw Hunger Games yesterday.

  8. Raul M. says:

    thanks for saying.

  9. bratisla says:

    Not only US knows unusual weather : in France, we are currently under an unusual heat and drought wave. In several towns, the air pollution is so high physical activities are not recommended for the youngest and oldest people.
    Yup : in Spring, with a beautiful weather, children are condemned to stay inside buildings instead of playing outside, because of all the cars driving around and polluting. And no one cares.
    This is utterly depressing.

  10. prokaryotes says:

    Add dangerous ozone levels .. also were record high till 2006 in 2003, when a major heat wave killed up to 50.000 people in europe – within a few days.

    From 2006

    A recent report by the European Environment Agency concludes that the ground ozone levels continue to exceed EU safe levels, thus threatening human health across Europe. Although not as high as in the record year 2003, ozone pollution rose again in summer 2005, specially in southern countries such as Portugal, Greece, and Spain.