Clean Start: March 30, 2012

Welcome to Clean Start, ThinkProgress Green’s morning round-up of the latest in climate and clean energy. Here is what we’re reading. What are you?

The Obama administration and five states have agreed to speed up approval of offshore wind farms in the Great Lakes. [WSJ]

Two years after the BP disaster, fourth generation oysterman Nick Collins said there is nothing but dead shells in the Louisiana oyster beds that produced 60 to 80 sacks of oysters a day before the BP spill. [Food Safety News]

Wetland areas in north Barataria Bay and the Pass a Loutre Wildlife Management Area at the mouth of the Mississippi River continue to show signs of oil that state officials say is from the BP oil spill, according to photos posted on Flickr by the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. []

Two U.S. clean tech companies plan to go public on Friday, as executives and bankers increasingly bet on high energy prices and more proven technology. [Reuters]

In 2010, nearly 80,000 Michiganders or 2.1% of the state’s total employment worked at businesses that produced goods or provided services that benefited the environment or conserved natural resources, according to new data recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. [Detroit Free Pess]

Gas prices would fall if U.S. leaders “unleashed” the country’s fuel resources, says former U.S. Sen. George Allen. [North Virginia Daily]

France’s Total sent firefighting ships close to the scene of a gas leak from its North Sea Elgin platform on Thursday, as a large gas cloud led to fears of an explosion. [Montreal Gazette]

Hundreds of elite firefighters from across the West will be climbing the steep ridges and scaling the deep ravines of Jefferson County today in a race to get ahead of high weekend winds that could cause the Lower North Fork fire to flare. [Denver Post]

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