New Romney Bundler Is Registered Lobbyist For Big Oil

While political candidates are not legally required to identify bundlers — volunteer fundraisers who collect bundles of campaign contribution checks for the campaign — a 2007 law requires that federal candidates disclose the names of any registered lobbyists who bundle large amounts for their campaign. Though President Barack Obama has voluntarily disclosed the identities of his campaign bundlers — and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and President George W. Bush (R) did so in their 2000, 2004, and 2008 races — Mitt Romney has refused to identify any beyond those lobbyist bundlers required by the law.

Earlier this year, ThinkProgress exclusively reported that the Romney campaign’s January filing identified a registered foreign agent as a major lobbyist bundler. Now, an analysis of the campaign’s latest filing reveals another notable bundler: oil and gas industry lobbyist B. Kent Burton.

The filing indicates that Burton, senior vice president of National Environmental Strategies, raised at least $26,510 in February for the Romney campaign. Burton, an Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere in the Reagan administration, represents a wide array of energy clients.

Among his 2011 clients:

  • Cenovus Energy, a Canadian oil company
  • Marathon Oil, a Texas-based oil and gas company
  • Murray Energy, an Ohio-based coal company
  • New West Strategies, a lobbying firm led by former Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), whose clients also include Murray Energy
  • Noble Energy, a Texas-based oil and gas company
  • Pacific Gas and Electric, a California-based natural gas and electrical utility
  • QEP Resources, a Colorado-based oil and natural gas company
  • Shell Oil, a Dutch oil company
  • While Romney continues to make a secret of the most of the bundlers fueling his campaign. He has made no secret of his support for allowing Big Oil free reign to act without environmental or safety regulations.

    And, to no one’s surprise, Big Oil has made no secret of its support for Romney.

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