Earth Day Humor From Someecard

Funny Earth Day Ecard: I wonder if the next planet we destroy will also get its own holiday.

Here are more great Earth Day cards from the king of free e-card snark:

I'm finally getting used to going through all four seasons in one day.

Happy Earth Day to someone who I'm fairly sure thinks global warming is a myth.

Let's do our part for Earth Day by continuing to only impact the outside world via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

I'm hoping our observance of Earth Day will make polar bears hate us less.

3 Responses to Earth Day Humor From Someecard

  1. Gail Zawacki says:

    Pictures from the Sixth Grade Annual Earth Day Doomer Contest (not as funny):

  2. Raul M. says:

    Hi Gail, talk about it.

  3. Albert says:

    A belated happy earth day. Belated, as in “too late.” (?)