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DOCUMENTARY SHORT: The Truth About Clean Energy Jobs

By Stephen Lacey  

"DOCUMENTARY SHORT: The Truth About Clean Energy Jobs"


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It’s time to take back the narrative about clean energy.

Since the bankruptcy of a few high-profile clean energy companies, political opponents and media pundits have tried to label the entire industry a failure. This is a gross distortion of the on-the-ground reality — and it shows how disconnected people are from what’s really happening in this sector.

The clean energy industry is extraordinarily diverse, ranging from small contractors to massive industrial manufacturers. Recognizing the local value these sectors provide, states around the country are putting policies in place to attract new businesses and large amounts of private capital. And it’s working.

Massachusetts is the perfect example. After signing the Green Communities Act into law in 2008, the commonwealth has seen an explosion of new companies. There are now 64,000 people employed in Massachusetts’ clean energy sector today.

I traveled to the commonwealth with Andrew Satter, our senior video producer at the Center for American Progress, and brought back this piece from the front lines of the clean energy economy.

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10 Responses to DOCUMENTARY SHORT: The Truth About Clean Energy Jobs

  1. CW says:

    IBIS report – Top 10 Fastest growing US industries:

    #2. Solar panel manufacturing
    #9. Green and sustainable building construction

  2. CW says:

    McKinsey & Co Research, “Solar power: Darkest before dawn”

    - Fully installed residential solar systems likely to drop to $2/watt by 2020, “could” go to $1/watt

    - Manufacturing capacity doubles over the next three to five years

    • Mark Shapiro says:

      Excellent McKinsey article .

      They project that PV could have 400 – 600 GW installed by 2020. That’s huge.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says:

        Every new house constructed should have a mandated solar array, and the existing housing stock should be insulated (where safe) and solar powered asap. Is that really beyond the ability of societies to achieve?

  3. katym. says:

    “Recognizing the local value these sectors provide, states around the country are putting policies in place to attract new businesses and large amounts of private capital. And it’s working.”

    and that explains why ALEC is planning to attack… hopefully more stories like this will pre-empt that assault.

    i need a new roof, and would like to cover the southern half with solar panels – how do i find the best deal in s.central illinois?

    • ToddInNorway says:

      Look for a Dow Powerhouse authorized dealer and start with them. They make solar shingles that are the roof, not simply panels laid on top of the existing roof that is the moisture barrier for the house under it.

  4. Thanks for this inspiring film.

  5. Susan says:

    Great piece. Very nicely done.

    People interested in learning more about solar energy should visit http://www.SEIA.org.

    Thank you for producing this documentary short!

  6. On April 26, 2012, at 20:00 it is the premiere online of the documentary CATASTROIKA of the Greek journalists creators of Debtocracy. http://www.catastroika.com/
    Please, spread that news!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says:

      To truly comprehend the nature and purpose of the ‘GFC’ one must, I believe, accept that it was deliberately contrived, not just to facilitate decades of financial kleptomania, but also to set the scene for ‘disaster capitalism’ to destroy the societies of the West and usher in the era of neo-feudalism that has always been our Masters’ dearest wish. The Greeks, along with the Latvians, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, British etc, are guinea-pigs in an experiment to see just how much poverty, want, suffering and hopelessness can be visited on societies before they crack.