Hilarious Comic: Learn How To Combat Climate Change Denial

The Strip, by Brian McFadden, from the NY Times [click to enlarge]

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  1. Sasparilla says:

    That was very funny Joe, thanks for posting it.

  2. Dan Ives says:

    Lol at Step 3. It’s always nice to have an occasional uplifting post on here. Thanks.

  3. The cartoon is humorous in a most depressing way as it is quite obvious (and inevitable) that the bipartisan solution is precisely what our democracy has chosen for all these many decades and will continue to do so until our civilization finally collapses.

    Generally speaking, people will believe whatever it is they want to believe until they have no choice otherwise. The housing bubble operated in this manner for many years and there were still optimistic projects about housing prices even after the bubble had popped.

    Humans are irrational. Humans have always been and will always remain irrational. Science and reason doesn’t stand a chance against ignorance and superstition.

    True story: I spoke to several people last Friday who doubted Plate Tectonics and at best considered it just an opinion. The Earth is less than 10,000 years old. Evolution is a myth. At least they acknowledged that the Earth is round …

    How is it possible to inform such people about the dangers of pollution in the atmosphere, climate change, peak oil, overpopulation and so forth?

    Needless to say, these people were minimally informed about science and greatly disinterested in becoming educated.

    Pray for salvation! God rewards the ignorant with an eternal life in Heaven. Or so it seems …

  4. MitchMars says:

    A study of several decades of federal tax increases has reveled that in those years of increases, revenue declined with no exception; and in years of decreased tax rates, federal revenue increased, no exceptions.
    Tax credits for alternative energy could play a part and validate the study.

  5. M Tucker says:

    I find this comic weak based on the recent history of the ridiculous “debate” that is going on between activists who want to tackle GHG emissions and those who deny the science.

    1) Meteorologists like the ones pictured, network weather personalities, have been highly criticized for not connecting the dots about extreme weather and climate change.

    2) I have not yet met anyone on the right who would be embarrassed, ashamed, or in the least bit put-out by highlighting their “irrational love of fossil fuels.” They are not only happy to say yes they love fossil fuels but they want more. They want more for their Hummers, SUV’s, pickups and RV’s. They love the product and brag about how much they burn each mile. It is a way to continue their vision of the American dream and demonstrate their financial superiority by happily paying the enormous pump price. Keep in mind that many progressives also own SUV’s, pickups and RV’s and they also like to haul the boats to the river and enjoy outdoor recreation to include hunting. Hard to go hunting and pull a boat with a Volt. The big difference is the right, all of them, want to drill in protected public lands, especially ANWR, and they demand that Keystone be completed.

    3) Sea level rise will not work on any of the deniers. It is not an issue with them. They do not care about anyone other than themselves and so far all examples of negative consequences to sea level rise have fallen on island nations and places like Bangladesh. Deniers care nothing for Bangladesh and they deny that sea level is rising.

    4) Alternative energy is a solution to climate change not a weapon that can be used to convince deniers.

    5) But the BIGGEST PROBLEM is this assumes that deniers can be convinced to change their minds. That is just not going to happen. They do not want to do anything and the easiest way to make sure nothing gets done is to deny the science. Deny all the science! Deny the theory and the evidence. Attack the scientists too! Deny it all and keep at it. Bring up the mistakes that have been made by the scientist no matter how many times they have been debunked and explained. Since they deny all theory and evidence ice core samples, data, facts, and even Ed Begley Jr will not work. We have yet to discover the denier kryptonite.

    6) “Fight in the ‘bipartisan’ style” … Definition of BIPARTISAN
    : of, relating to, or involving members of two parties ; specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties
    NO COOPERATION EXISTS because one side, the Democrats, use actual climate scientists as their experts while the other side, Republicans, create their own experts like Inhofe and his ludicrous book. Bipartisan means both sides would like to come to an agreement but this will never work when the entire Republican Party now in office denies the science. Political rope-a-dope.

  6. Zach says:

    I get first dibs on the ice-core bo

  7. EDpeak says:

    If the main problem was humans being irrational, you’d have just as many people irrationally thinking the environment is in grave danger from Martians invading…it is not symmetrical…for two main reasons, one, the power of the fossil fuel industry, a factor mentioned often on CP.

    The other is the ideology of the modern (last several decades) right wing…we don’t point at this other factor as often as we should.

    And we can’t stop the power of this ideology so long as it is fed by the Corporate Feudalism economic system we have.

    Changing that economic system will take many years, even decades but at least can be effective. But on the other hand, leaving that corporation-based, maximize-profits based corporate economic system in place will mean still “many years and even decades” will pass…but without success. Slow though it is, we have to start the local, from the ground up process of creating decentralized economic models.

  8. Artful Dodger says:

    The contrast between the two opponents above?
    1. The old white guy in the grey suit is getting paid $11,000 per month to camp on his computer perpetuating climate dysinformation. 2. Meanwhile, the Student/recent Graduate has $100,000 in student loan debt to work off.
    It’s a classic “David vs Mr. Toad” mismatch.