April 27 News: ‘Wacky’ Tea Party Conspiracy Bill Designed To Gut Clean Energy Moves Closer To Law

Arizona Tea Partier Judy Burges wants to kill clean energy programs.

A round-up of the top climate and energy news. Please post other links below.

An Arizona Tea Party-backed bill that would gut government-run green programs in the state may have the support it needs to go before Gov. Jan Brewer (R). [Huffington Post]

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson says the Obama administration plans to take further action to combat climate change. [Boston Globe]

The Sierra Club said Thursday it will try to block an energy company’s plan to export liquefied natural gas to find new markets for the drilling boom that has flooded the Mid-Atlantic with natural gas. [Associated Press]

A “perfect storm” of economic and regulatory factors is driving major United States utilities to rapidly switch from coal to natural gas as an electric power source, the top executive of one of the nation’s largest utilities said on Thursday. [New York Times]

Energy ministers from around the world met in London this week and got a scolding. The International Energy Agency warned the ministers that they are falling way behind in their efforts to wean the world from dirty sources of energy. Nations are nowhere near being on track to avert significant climate change in the coming decades. [National Public Radio]

Shell will not be joining David Cameron’s crusade to attract private sector investment into creating a North Sea wind revolution despite its commitment to turbines in the US. [Guardian]

Peru became the latest developing country to enact a domestic climate change initiative in the absence of a binding global pact, adopting a resolution on Thursday to lower carbon emissions in its fast-growing economy. [Chicago Tribune]

5 Responses to April 27 News: ‘Wacky’ Tea Party Conspiracy Bill Designed To Gut Clean Energy Moves Closer To Law

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    All of this talk about natural gas shows that our leadership is not taking global warming seriously.

  2. Tom L says:

    Today is Arbor Day 2012. If Earth Day needs a new name so does this ‘day’. Decimation Day perhaps, or Die-Off Day.

  3. fj says:

    Micro Grids and solar in the developing world provide similar advantages to cell phone deployment:

    Pay-as-you-go Electricity Lights Way in Millennium Villages

  4. Mark Shapiro says:

    More from MIT’s Technology Review:

    more efficient GaAs PV cells from Semprius –

    Bill Gross of Idealab is a techno-optimist on energy –

  5. Mark Shapiro says:

    Regarding the Arizona tea party anti-environment bill, it is ALEC boilerplate libeling clean energy programs as anti-freedom or some such hallucination.

    Our plutocracy’s forces are in overdrive trying to protect their wealth, power, and privilege. Tea party, ALEC, Murdoch’s empire, the “think” tanks, lobbyists, paid politicians, and pundits are pouring out horrible legislation of all kinds that has two purposes: motivate the base, and make it always harder to raise taxes on Kochs etc.

    It’s working well so far.