May 1 News: Warming Oceans Are A Threat To The Critically Endangered Right Whale, Scientists Say

A round-up of the top climate and energy stories. Please post other links below.

Critically endangered North Atlantic right whales, which usually arrive in late March or early April to graze on shrimplike plankton in New England, began arriving before Christmas, as water temperatures hovered several degrees above normal, dispersing only recently. [Washington Post]

Scientific studies are misrepresented all the time. But now and again the distortions get particularly bad. That was the case Monday, when Fox News ran the headline, “New Research Shows Wind Farms Cause Global Warming.” A number of other media outlets did the same thing. And it’s… not true at all. [WashPost]

Opinion: “As a conservative Republican who very much understands the need to reduce and control our spending, it may seem strange that I understand and accept that climate change is impacting my home, state and country.” [Press Citizen]

In the clammy depths of a southern Illinois coal mine lies the largest fossil forest ever discovered, at least 50 times as extensive as the previous contender. [New York Times]

Over the weekend, baseball announcer Tim McCarver became the source of ridicule when he blamed global warming as a reason for the increase in home run totals in recent years. But it was the criticism of McCarver rather than McCarver’s comment that was over the top. [Washington Post Weather Gang]

While polls show the economy as the top concern of voters, a review of political attack ads suggests a different issue dominates: energy. [Bloomberg]

BP is planning to start three new oil drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico this year. The launch of the new rigs will bring the number of BP rigs in the Gulf to eight – more than the oil giant had before the devastating Deepwater Horizon disaster three years ago. [Guardian]

4 Responses to May 1 News: Warming Oceans Are A Threat To The Critically Endangered Right Whale, Scientists Say

  1. Chris Winter says:

    RE: that opinion piece, it’s good to see a Republican talking sense in Iowa City. But no surprise is it that the very first comment accuses him of expressing a “liberal perspective.”

    Will the right wing help to save the right whale? Nah — that’s not conservative.

  2. Lewis Cleverdon says:

    Re the fine ‘Opinion’ piece in Public Citizen –

    As a working farmer (on about 2500 acres of hill grazing) I strongly support the message of this article. Farmers are in the front line of the impacts of what should really be called climate destabilization, and the impacts are on a rising curve –

    It is nonsensical and dangerous to try to cherry-pick the science that suits ahort-term fossil fuel interests, (vetinary services, fertilizers’ design, machinery design, crop monitoring tech, etc) while ignoring the science that informs us of the ongoing destabilization of the climate due to fossil fuel pollution.

    There are many decent honest people who don’t yat have convincing personal experience of that ongoing destabilization, and they put the increasing number of increasingly extreme weather events down to being just flukes. Without rancour and with respect I’d characterize them as being ‘flukers’ within the debate among conservatives over the climate. As the climate impacts intensify, their numbers have begun to fall.

    The core message for the flukers is that the sooner we address the issue of climate effectively, the less it will cost to make the necessary changes, and the less damage and losses will be incurred. This is the real conservative response to the climate issue – nothing more, nothing less.


    Lewis Cleverdon

  3. Mark Shapiro says:

    Te fossil forest in the coal mine story, appearing in the NYT, fails to mention that we are burning tons of fossils daily in our coal plants.

    Billions of fossils, and much literally untold information, goes up in smoke every day, all around the world.