Ignoring The 64,000 Green Jobs In His State, Romney’s Campaign Claims Clean Energy Isn’t Creating Jobs

Who would have thought that clean energy would become the source of such scorn for Mitt Romney, a candidate who called transitioning away from fossil fuels “a must” in 2007?

The Romney campaign released a new campaign ad this morning attacking clean energy jobs. Just like every other ad on the issue this election cycle, this one cherry-picks a few stories and claims that efforts to create jobs in this sector have failed.

As numerous reports have shown, the claims in this ad are completely absurd: The Brookings Institution found that the stimulus helped the clean energy sector grow 8.3 percent during the height of the recession; a report from the Department of Energy showed that the 1603 Treasury Grant Program supported 75,000 jobs and $25 billion gross economic activity; and a recent analysis from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the clean economy now employs 3.1 million people — with growth in the last few years happening in every geographic region of the U.S.

And in a masterful piece of spin, the campaign ad actually insinuates that Obama is responsible for 10,000 job losses in the wind industry. Ask anyone in the wind industry and they’ll tell you those jobs have been shed because of Congress’ inability to pass the production tax credit and give businesses in the sector certainty — threatening an additional 37,000 jobs today. In fact, it was the stimulus package that helped the wind industry maintain 85,000 jobs during the height of the recession in 2009.

But here’s the real kicker: There are actually 64,000 renewable energy and energy efficiency jobs currently in Romney’s home state of Massachusetts. Because of strong state and federal policies (which Romney once supported), employment in Massachusetts’ clean energy sector grew 6.7 percent between 2010 and 2011 — crushing the 1% growth rate in the rest of the economy.

Check out the documentary film below to see what’s happening today in Romney’s home state. In just one short election cycle, the candidate has Etch-a-Sketched himself squarely against clean energy — even as the industry gains traction.



12 Responses to Ignoring The 64,000 Green Jobs In His State, Romney’s Campaign Claims Clean Energy Isn’t Creating Jobs

  1. SecularAnimist says:

    Stephen Lacey asked: “Who would have thought that clean energy would become the source of such scorn for Mitt Romney …”

    Anyone who has noticed that the Republican Party is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, that’s who.

  2. T.J. says:

    Shorter article; Clean energy industry didn’t pay Romney as much as the oil/coal/natural gas industries.

  3. Leif says:

    Clearly the Koch brothers et al are concerned about the growth of clean energy. Why else would they be disposed to spend multi-millions of dollars disrupting democratic, (small “d”), support of the Green Awakening Economy? Throwing up every possible road block from slap suits to congressional pay offs, lobby efforts, environmental law evisceration, buying elections, and more… Romney is just another vermin making huge profits from the current ability of Corpro/People to pollute the commons. They are “people” now, just like you and me, (only rich), Romney even said so himself. How come Corpro/People get pollution rights & Real/People do not? Get to secretly spend huge amounts against causes of concern and all of us do not have “huge” amounts in total? Get to dismember other corporations, now people as well, sell the parts for a huge profit and smile to the bank? Try that with your neighbors, and report back. Do that to 22 of them and odds are you will be branded a “serial killer”! You better have a good story… On it goes… Or NOT. It is up to you… Man made the laws, Man can change the law. Of course, history has shown so can money.

  4. LJL says:

    Mitt has a madman’s grasp on reality. After all he really believes that Heap Big Chief Jesus lived in North America 2000 years ago where he palled around with the Indians.

  5. Maurice Webb says:

    I see Mittens is doing his usual flip-flopping, just follow the money.

    What I don’t understand is why the fossil fuel industry does not see into the future where oil,gas and coal will become scarce had hard to mine. Now would be the time for them to get into green energy to sustain themselves and the country.

  6. Leif says:

    More profits in shaking down the Nation and the people, and even more when push comes to shove, for they will have the money and we will have the misery and be forced to pay anyway. Elementary… Follow the money! You going to hire me to build extensive sea walls around NY City?

  7. T.J. says:

    If it comes to that, we should just let the ocean have it.

  8. Leif says:

    In the end it the ocean will win for the sea level rise will get to ~150+feet before the ice and expansion ends. That will only be a thousand years or so. Of course there will be few if any left to count the years so what’s the diff if we leave a once promising earth to algae and slime to start anew. Corpro/People will have made a ton of money…That is what’s important.

  9. ALFO says:

    So let me get this str8 Romney & Fauxsnooze are lying?? INCONCEIVABLE!!!!!

  10. ANGRY BADGER says:

    It’s amazing how intellectually bankrupt the elite GOP is these days.

  11. Dick Smith says:

    So, Angry Badger, if you’re in Madison tommorrow morning, I hope you’ll join at the Farmer’s Market (State St. side) for our connect the dots demo featuring local farmers.

  12. Earl Callahan says:

    If Mitt Rom-money is the best the GOP has to offer, the country is in more trouble than I thought. The oil industry determines how he thinks (if he does think). W is looking looking like a Rhodes scholar by comparison. To think that he could become our next corporate president frightens me.