Four Big Oil Companies Are Members Of ALEC Task Forces

The American Legislative Exchange Council’s anti-environment agenda is fueled by none other than Big Oil companies, which sit on ALEC’s “task forces.”

The watchdog group Common Cause published ALEC’s full member list, revealing four of the five major oil companies behind the group’s anti-environment legislation. These four oil companies — Shell, BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil — are also the four most profitable, taking a combined $30.6 billion profits in just three months this year.

Koch Industries, ubiquitous in funding right-wing causes, is also one of ALEC’s corporate members, while ConocoPhillips has its own history of funding the group.

ALEC’s agenda includes crafting legislation that kills carbon pricing and renewable energy targets, turns over public lands, and prevents fracking disclosure laws, among other harmful laws.

The latest chapter of Big Oil shaping local and state laws occurs later this week, where state legislators from 15 oil and gas states will meet with oil and gas companies presenting a fossil-fueled vision for the future.

21 Responses to Four Big Oil Companies Are Members Of ALEC Task Forces

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    The oil companies don’t just craft legislation, they write it, and the bill goes up for a vote, verbatim. They got used to doing this under Bush, and now think it’s their perogative.

    There is something very wrong with this. If it continues, we are in a lot of trouble.

  2. Steve Murchie says:

    ALEC’s anti-climate action agenda goes further back. They were the source of resolutions condemning the Kyoto Protocol that showed up in state legislatures during the Clinton administration.

  3. Zimzone says:

    Shell, BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil…
    The four whorsemen of the apocalypse?

  4. Jackie says:

    The oil companies have the law makers and Mitt in their back pocket too. Keystone pipeline paid big moneny and thought when voters gave Congress the majority this deal would be sealed. Obama wants safety applied to assure it’s not going to harm the heartland the Congress said no. We see what happen in the Gulf with no regulation or safety as now fish/shrimp are mutant formed. Mitt assured the Oil companies they can have the freedom to do as they please with no over sight.

  5. Leif says:

    I have said it before and I say it again:
    Not any job, only Green Jobs can start to move the economies of the world out of the morass. As long as capitalism has the ability to profit, handily I would add, from polluting the commons, every “Black” job just digs the hole deeper. Only green jobs ADD VALUE to the economy and start to rejuvenate Earth’s life support systems.
    Corporations are “People” now for better or worse. Speaking as a “RealPeople”, if I throw a paper cup out the car window, bingo, ~$100 fine. Corpro/People can pollute the air, water, dirt, and oceans with Toxins and the dirtiest Corpro/People have become richest Corpro/People in the world and is the very foundation of western Capitalism. Even the breast milk my Daughter-in Law feeds the Grand Kidder is contaminated with their toxins, as does the tits and every other mammal in the world! Still Corpro/People get rich and even subsidized with YOURS & MY TAX MONEY. And I cannot stop it. GOP don’t fund abortion, how come I must fund the Ecocide of Earth’s life support systems? Go figure. Please help! Stop profits from the pollution of the commons…. PLEASE…
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  6. Four Big Oil Companies Are Members Of ALEC Task Forces

    But how will this affect Obama’s chances of getting re-elected?


    — frank

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Four whoresmen!!! I love it. It’s nice to read so many love letters to Earth without voices of dissent and hatred like other places I visit online. I’m reminded that there are many like-minded people who love the environment and want to ensure it for future generations. So how have we allowed the four whoresmen to kick our butts at every turn? Have we been sleeping while they’ve been spinning?

  8. J Bowers says:

    For an Energy, Environment and Agriculture task force I sure see a lot of energy companies, but pretty much zero with their core business in environment and agriculture. Very odd that a PR firm, Dezenhall, should be on such a task force. What do they have to bring to the table? Oh, of course… PR.

  9. WhichTruth says:

    We have a few former state legislators in prison for accepting bribes from oil shills. ALEC is just formalized bribery.

  10. squidboy6 says:

    good, but I think “four pimps of the apocalypse” is more accurate, but “whoresmen” is a good description as well

  11. Derek in DC says:

    It’s very telling that folks on the right will defend ALEC (a collective of companies trying to influence public policy for their own benefit) and condemn unions (collectives of individuals trying to get decent pay and healthcare benefits). I reiterate my earlier proposal that it would save time if we simply referred to conservatives as the Hypocrisy Party.

  12. squidboy6 says:

    The shrimp have developmental problems, and probably not mutations. They were larvae when the dispersal fluids were applied so their eyes and other important organs didn’t develop properly. It’ll probably depend upon when they were exposed to the oil and dispersants, what stage of development, and dose of course.

    These shrimp probably won’t reproduce, the organ that controls egg generation is just below the eyes and it’s controlled by light.

    This kind of fluid is getting used in fracking and has been used with lots of problems in the past, places like the Guadalupe Dunes near Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, Ca by Unocal.

    The shrimp problems will last a couple of generations but vertebrates will have longer term problems and this will be a more visible legacy. There’s lots of good shrimp all over New Orleans but fish, dolphins, and whales will show problems for decades.

  13. Jasonar says:

    The Four Whorsemen of the Apocalypse! … That is inspired and hilarious!

    Well stated.

  14. James says:

    Exxon Mobil is Number One on the “Forbes” List of the World’s Biggest Companies

  15. Robyn Ryan says:

    Big oil owns Louisiana, which is why we’re in the bottom ten of all the states.

  16. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Sounds like ‘standard operating procedure’ in a plutocracy. Democracy, not so much.

  17. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    That’s really unfair to pimps.

  18. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The financial kleptos will fill the breach if there is any problem.

  19. Lionel A says:

    Going to rethink my book buying strategy having noted the presence of Amazon on that list. Could explain their leniency on allowing the more lunatic reviews of books by Ian Plimer, Christopher Booker, Andrew Montford etc.

    I am curious about the Insight Schools listed, is it this organisation?

    Are there any comments from those in the US on the quality and balance of the curriculum provided?

  20. Tom King says:

    Thanks for pointing out the Amazon connection. I was just about to place an order and you stopped me just in time. Makes me feel bad about the other books I’ve gotten there, however.

  21. Tom King says:

    I never borrow other people’s puns, but recently I came across the word “pollutocracy”. It made me laugh and blends in well with your point.