GOP: ‘You Think We’re Going To Have A Press Conference Now To Congratulate The Administration For Decreasing Gas Prices?’

Gas Prices DeclineThe GOP’s plan to blame Obama’s policies for rising gasoline prices has run into one small bump in the road. Gasoline prices have dropped $0.15 a gallon in the past month, to $3.79 per gallon this week, down from its peak of $3.94 in early April, according to The Energy Information Administration.

The public understands Obama isn’t to blame for high gasoline prices, as recent polls make clear. Even the Wall Street Journal and Cato Institute agree: “It’s not Obama’s fault that crude oil prices have increased.”

After all, U.S. oil production has been soaring under this Administration, as the chart shows.

The facts didn’t stop the former leader of the House GOP, Newt Gingrich, from blaming the price runup in the past 3 years on Obama: “All of this gigantic increase came from his policies.” Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), said in March that Mr. Obama should be held “fully responsible for what the American public is paying for gasoline.”

As the AP reported today, “Gasoline prices probably will not set any records this summer, thanks to a recent drop in the price of oil.” Of course, peak oil and rising demand in the developing word will keep prices rising over the longer term, and instability in the MidEast and elsewhere will always cause price spikes. But Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service, said, “If I were betting in Vegas whether or not gas will be higher or lower on July 4th, I would say lower.”

E&E Daily explains in its story, “Falling prices complicate GOP push for regulatory rollbacks” (subs. req’d), efforts by the House GOP to use high gasoline prices to push their pro-pollution agenda have now stalled, and not just because the Senate opposes that effort.

But there is also a sense that House Republicans have less of a case to make with prices lower and expected to avoid the record highs that were feared earlier this spring….

“What, you think we’re going to have a press conference now to congratulate the administration for decreasing gas prices?” Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) quipped during a brief interview yesterday.

Simpson, who runs the House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees EPA and the Department of Interior, added “And as gas prices fall, obviously you’re not going to say as much, but it’s still an issue.”

Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY) sponsored a bill to delay EPA air quality rules until  a study was completed on how they would impact gasoline prices, said:

“Let me just say this, there are a lot more points to be made to set up a contrast with President Obama than just gasoline prices. So we can remove gasoline prices, and I think we would have a lot of issues to talk about.”

This means the House GOP can move on to another phony issue.

10 Responses to GOP: ‘You Think We’re Going To Have A Press Conference Now To Congratulate The Administration For Decreasing Gas Prices?’

  1. Chris Lines says:

    “What, you think we’re going to have a press conference now to congratulate the administration for decreasing gas prices?” Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) quipped

  2. Smith_1 says:

    Dear Mike Simpson (R-Idiot), all you GOPigs had press conferences to blame the administration for increasing gas prices. Wouldn’t you just be a bunch of hypocrites if you didn’t have press conferences to thank the administration for decreasing gas prices?

    Oh. What’s that? You’d rather prove that you’re hypocrites? Well, Mission Accomplished!

  3. Zach says:

    What’s particularly inane about this is that gas prices largely reflect the rate of global economic growth (with an artificially high floor because of supply manipulation and large spikes when oil production is near capacity). In a sane environment, Obama would take some credit for higher oil prices which reflect stronger economic growth and say that gas prices were really low when Bush left office because we were an inch away from Mad Max.

    A couple months ago, talking heads were routinely pointing out that gas prices had almost tripled since Bush left office. I can’t recall a single time that someone responded, “So you’re saying you want to bring back the economy of January 2009?”

  4. afisher says:

    Here is what TX District 23 (R) sent out yesterday: Notice that he didn’t include what most are saying that was the actual cause of the spike in gas prices?

    Next, here is his website. Go to Picture #1 to see how he is attempting to use a faux representation of Gas Prices.

    Just an FYI: local gas price for regular is $3.51-$3.53.

    So the answer is: not only won’t the mention the lowered cost of gas, that they will attempt to say that gas prices are higher than they actually are.

  5. M Tucker says:

    Why are so many Americans so completely ignorant of how the crude oil market works or what factors influence gasoline and diesel prices? I could understand the confusion that younger folks, under say 25, might have regarding this but what is the problem with more mature individuals? Why would Newt’s promise to somehow force gasoline prices to $2.50 per gallon not be seen as anything more than a completely stupid and pandering remark? Why would so many be influenced by his lie? What is it about people that makes them susceptible to such fabrications?

    Republicans are not interested in the best interest of Americans and they will never give a Democratic president credit for any success. Republicans would rather see Americans suffer than do anything that might be construed as a positive for a Democratic president.

  6. Comrade Rutherford says:

    When gas prices go up it’s the Democrat’s fault and when they go down it’s a Republican victory.

  7. maxie says:

    they help PCs when the prices were rising. they were all ready to go forward and point the blame: cnn, fox news, mtp, ftn, all of those gop rograms that LOVE and support the idelogy of wite, rich, male,gopers were ready to have members of the gop on their shows and point fingers at obama when prices were rising.

  8. Joe Bickner says:

    So… Americans with short term memory will switch from Romney back to Obama. I support Obama and all, but why the HELL don’t people just do the damn research before they vote?!?

  9. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Many levels of idiocy here. Low petrol prices, indicative of the global economy heading for another meltdown is good, (although it will increase greenhouse emissions and thwart moves to more fuel efficiency)because it helps re-elect Obama, who will do next to nothing of what is required on the climate front. Mind you, with Romney showing no signs of ‘Etch-a-sketching’ towards the centre, but rather growing more and more like a fully-fledged and deracinated Kochtopuppet, with an oily tentacle rammed right up his back and manipulating his movements, for once Obama is really looking like a ‘lesser evil’ of substance. You poor blighters!

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Joe, average IQs are falling, in the West, for the first time. And that is the average. The March of the Morons is gathering speed. I can hear their tramping feet e’en now.