May 16 News: North Dakota Surpasses Alaska In Oil Production

A round-up of the top climate and energy news. Please post other links below.

North Dakota has passed Alaska to become the No. 2 oil-producing state in the country, reflecting how the embrace of new drilling technology is redrawing the U.S. energy map. [Wall Street Journal]

Americans just lived through the hottest 12 months ever recorded, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported Tuesday. [LA Times]

Should nations of the world ever see fit to sign a treaty limiting emissions of climate-warming carbon dioxide gas, scientists from the University of Utah and Harvard have developed a way to verify compliance. [CleanTechnica]

A proposed $5bn transmission line connecting wind farms off the East coast of the US to the mainland is on track to come online by 2017, after the Google-backed project cleared another regulatory hurdle. [Guardian]

Because sometimes to get your point across you need to dress up as an Arctic Tern, scores of anti-drilling activists on Tuesday gathered outside the White House dressed in fuzzy onesies and polar bear masks. [Huffington Post]

Chinese and Indian airlines failed to submit carbon-dioxide emissions data for 2011, disregarding European rules that seek to expand the region’s emissions trading system to include aviation. [New York Times]

The oil company Total started pumping heavy mud down its leaking well in the North Sea on Tuesday in an attempt to stop an escape of gas that has lasted nearly eight weeks and could deprive Britain of nearly 6% of its supply this summer. [Guardian]

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  1. John Tucker says:

    Wyo. still among deadliest places to work, ranked 2nd for rate of fatal work accidents in 2010

    The deadliest U.S. mine accident in 40 years gave West Virginia the highest rate. The explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine claimed 29 of the 95 people killed in workplace accidents in West Virginia in 2010.

    A rebound in oil and gas drilling following the 2007-2009 recession contributed to the increase in deadly workplace accidents in the state, said John Ysebaert, standards and compliance administrator for the Wyoming Workers’ Safety and Compensation Division. (–SmallBiz-Workplace-Safety-Wyoming/ )

  2. fj says:

    More on the extreme value of even early-stage net zero transit in New York City

    How Bike Share Stations Stack Up Against Other Curb Consumers

  3. John Tucker says:

    UPDATE 1-Japan utilities burn record LNG equivalent for April

    Japan’s 10 utilities consumed 33 percent more natural gas equivalent for electricity generation in April compared to the same month a year ago to compensate for
    the lack of nuclear power, industry data showed on Wednesday. ( )