A Million People tell EPA to Adopt Proposed Carbon Pollution Rule

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by Jackie Weidman

As of this morning, more than one million comments supporting carbon pollution limits have been submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).    In the first month of the commenting period these statements from families and individuals all over the country declared their support for the EPA’s new standards to cut industrial carbon pollution from power plants.   This is already the largest number of public comments sent to the EPA on any issue, with more expected in the final month of the commenting period, ending June 25.

A broad coalition of clean air, labor, and other progressive organizations – including the Center for American Progress Action Fund – delivered the following statement about the carbon pollution rule:

“Americans broadly support the EPA’s efforts to reduce dangerous air pollution that threatens the health and safety of our children, communities, and wildlife. More than one million Americans have now voiced their support for these important safeguards and called on the EPA and the White House to move forward with the strongest possible standard for new and existing power plants.”

Existing power plants are responsible for adding more than 2 billion tons of carbon and other toxic pollutants into the air each year – nearly 13,000 pounds for every man, woman, and child in the United States.   Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to climate change and threatens the health and safety of Americans.  Climate change increases the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, causing more event-related deaths and injuries.

Next week, on May 24, EPA will conduct public hearings will take place in Chicago and Washington D.C., allowing for more public participation in the rule-making.  As big coal companies spend millions of dollars to weaken these public safeguards, it is increasingly critical that EPA continues to hear from Americans who support reducing carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.

Please join us and more than one million Americans calling for cleaner air.  Make your voice heard by clicking HERE to submit a favorable comment to the EPA today!

Jackie Weidman is a special assistant for energy policy at the Center for American Progress.

4 Responses to A Million People tell EPA to Adopt Proposed Carbon Pollution Rule

  1. JAMES JessonPeter Jesson says:

    I support the proposed carbon initiative

  2. Stubbs McGee says:

    I support the population doing what they can to reduce the amount of electricity they consume. Then that will automatically reduce the amount of CO2 being put into the air by power plants…

  3. Gilbert EngageAmerica says:

    I think that it’s fine that we want to be progressive on environmental issues and the practices that are associated with them . What I worry about however is Federal oversight on an environmental issue from a perspective that is known for its overbearing practices. While it can help in some cases, EPA regulations can change quite often which can cost businesses who need to be adjusted to these practices both time and money ( The Lack of a symbiotic relationship between business practices and regulatory policies is what is hindering our overall economic progress. Until this is resolved, we will continue to trip over ourselves.

  4. Leif says:

    I would think a bi-partisan endeavor would be to stop Corpro/People from profiting from the pollution of the commons. That would go a long way to bring the capitalistic system into balance. “We the People” have a long history of civil law that disapproves of me profiting from polluting my neighbors property. Corporations have lived with a different set of laws that has allowed them to use the commons as a dump as long as they spread it thin. Defining “thin’ is subject to interpretation and manipulations with the resulting pillage so readily observed. Corporations are “People” now, how come they get to pick and choose the established original people laws they like and not the ones they do not like? You try that, Gilbert. Please report.