Support Climate Scientists And Look Cool Doing So!

Support Science & Get These Cool Items & More

Support Science & Get These Cool Items & More

By Scott Mandia via his blog

Help the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) raise money to cover the costs of Dr. Mann’s legal defense as well as other scientists who face similar challenges. To help raise money and reward those that contribute, we have rounded up some cool designs and gifts. CSLDF thanks Nicole Martinez and Lunchbreathwho were kind enough to donate their designs for this fundraiser.

$25 gets you one of our t-shirts. They will be delivered a couple weeks after the fundraiser is over. We will check in with you about which design you want and what size.

$50 gets two of the t-shirts.

$75 gets all three of the t-shirts and our true gratitude.

$150 gets you all three of the t-shirts and a copy of Climate Change: Picturing the Science signed by Joshua Wolfe (

$300 gets you a hockey stick signed by Mike Mann.

$1000 gets you a 16×20 signed silver gelatin print by Joshua Wolfe.


* A portion of your donation may be tax deductible. People interested in tax deductible donations should contact CSLDF directly at

—  Scott Mandia is a meteorology professor at Suffolk County Community College who has been teaching meteorology and paleoclimatology courses for 25 years. He and Joshua Wolfe co-founded the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund.

3 Responses to Support Climate Scientists And Look Cool Doing So!

  1. Scott Mandia says:

    A special gift to the person who puts us over $10,000.

    Thank you Joe for your support.

  2. with the doves says:

    a shirt with a hockey stick on it would be cool!

  3. Larry Gilman says:

    I LOVE the Keeling curve built into the Defense Fund logo! Maybe a bit of an insider joke, but a most excellent one.