Lack Of Funding Forces Heartland To End Climate Denial Conference

The Heartland Institute has announced that this year’s climate denial conference will be its last for the foreseeable future. In his closing speech at this year’s event in Chicago, Heartland President Joseph Bast said that financial troubles are preventing the organization from putting on another event.

“I hope to see you at a future conference, but at this point we have no plans to do another ICCC,” said Bast, addressing the remaining attendees this afternoon.

The International Conference on Climate Change is a yearly gathering of climate change deniers and disinformers — mostly hardcore libertarians — who attempt to spread doubts about climate science.

Earlier this month, Heartland posted a billboard that compared believers in global warming with the unibomber. The campaign set off a firestorm of criticism that caused a split within the organization and ended with 11 of Heartland’s donors pulling support for the organization — taking an estimated 35% its corporate revenue for 2012.

16 Responses to Lack Of Funding Forces Heartland To End Climate Denial Conference

  1. Merrelyn Emery says:

    Excellent news. One less opportunity for them all to support and jolly each other along, ME

  2. Jovial Monk says:

    less sponsorship and hopefully much less interference in the teaching of real science.

    Meanwhile, the Australian Carbon Price Mechanism (aka “carbon tax”) kicks in in 40 days.

  3. Indeed, excellent news. What is more interesting is the closing comments to the conference by Jo Bast in which he begs for cash from “rich uncles”:

  4. Steve Bloom says:

    Just two words: “Schaden” and “freude.”

    Although let’s not forget that the wingnut think tank network is pretty much fungible. If it makes sense to them politically, the funders will happily let Heartland die and just transfer its useful functions to other appendages.

  5. PJMD says:

    Don’t worry, they’ll be back, rebranded.

  6. Kent Otho Doering says:

    Thank you all at Think Progess and especially Joe Romm for pointing out the disorders of the Heartland Institute in the first place, and getting the ball rolling on a grass roots campaign scaring away those who fund it. Well done. Congratulations and thank you” to Joe Romm and the entire team at TP Climate.

    Kent Doering, Munich

  7. Will Fox says:

    Hahaha… wonderful to see them self-destructing like this.

  8. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I’m very much afraid that the ‘rich Uncles’ (Tonton Macoutes emptying their sacks of riches no doubt)are quite likely to materialise. The Kochtopus will hardly let such febrile zealots remain unemployed for too long, not when ‘God’s work’ is to be done.

  9. Nick B says:

    Possibly the start of a tidal change in the impact of the denier movement. Let’s hope so. Consigned to the dustbin of irrelevance whilst the rest of humanity squares up to the tasks ahead.

  10. Dave says:

    Monsters like Heartland do not die. They simply grow a new head.

    I do have to laugh that they spent their available funds on the blue-blood snot trained in medieval literature to pretend to be a scientist. You know someone is intellectually bankrupt when they take Monckton seriously.

  11. dorlomin says:

    The effort to turn itself into the center of the antiscience movement has blown up in the antiscience movements face. Instead of building momentum and getting like minded people working together it has become a medium of exposing them to publicity as a group of conspiracy theorists and those like McIntyre who want to be respectable steer clear of them.

    El Nino may be along later this year with the average forcase having us in El Nino by October….

  12. Quentin says:

    First they ignore you
    Then they laugh at you
    Then they fight you
    Then you win


  13. Lore says:

    I wonder if Watts is even now busily composing Heartland’s conference epitaph as he wings back from the Windy City. Proclaiming the coming resurrection and declaring victory is yet in our grasp.

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    ‘Fungible’-does that mean they are like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bulldust?

  15. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    It goes like this. The Dunning-Krugerites, given to Walter Mittyish confabulation and hallucination, not knowing better, see Baron Monckhausen as a guru, but one ‘just like us’. That is, a Dunning-Kruger intellectual leader. As they are too dumb to realise just how thick they really are, but their hypertrophied egos demand that they see themselves as really clever, Monckhausen, who knows just how to feed their intellectual pretensions, is both guru and saviour, as he strokes their collective self-admiration. The next Monckhausen will be even whackier.

  16. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    That’s what he’s paid for.