Must-See Colbert Report On North Carolina GOP Bill To Make Use Of Climate Science Illegal

As Climate Progress reported last week, a “North Carolina bill would require coastal communities to Ignore global warming science.”

Stephen Colbert had a hilarious discussion of that bill on his show Monday:

16 Responses to Must-See Colbert Report On North Carolina GOP Bill To Make Use Of Climate Science Illegal

  1. Dick Smith says:

    The man is funny! I needed that.

  2. Bruce Cox says:

    As often is the case when I watch Colbert, I sink into gales of laughter……….

    (I do hope the NC Republicans sponsoring the bill may float a legislative reconsideration.)

  3. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I’ve heard of ‘whistling past the graveyard’, but laughing? Oh well. Must watch Dr Strangelove, again. Ridiculing the denialist Climate Cnuts might be fun, but it won’t save us, unfortunately. The denialists feed off our contempt, and return it in kind. It’s almost as if there is more than one species of humanity, and, on the moral and spiritual plane, that is clearly true. How do we survive in the long term when so many are so dumb, so often?

  4. Peji says:

    Yes, those one the left of the bell curve and those on the right!

  5. Berbalang says:

    So if the law makes actual measurements of sea level rise illegal rise wouldn’t anyone who notices their house being flooded by sea level rise be in violation of the law? What would the penalties be in that case? Fine? Imprisonment? Confiscation of remaining property?

  6. RH factor says:

    Rethinking my Outer banks vacation now. Ta hell with them

  7. Daniel Kim says:

    yes, it would be illegal. Kind of like noticing that the emperor’s clothes are kinda not there.

  8. ANGRY BADGER says:

    There is no doubt that Colbert is absolutely brilliant. He got the data out there, and even though his goal was comedy, I’m sure he made a lot of people think. Bravo.

  9. bratisla says:

    Stephen Colbert. Republicans whined to get it. Now they have to endure it. This is the most brilliant and hilarious self-inflicted shot in the feet they could give us.
    Thanks Republicans, now I have my weekly dose of irrepressible laughter \o/

  10. The enemy of America is neither external nor internal conspiracy. It is stupidity!

  11. Stupidity is the enemy of everybody!

  12. Albert Johnston says:

    Thanks, I needed that.

  13. Goodness gracious! Were the legislators all graduates of the “Liberty University” or maybe “the Bob Jones University.”

    Thanks goodness the rest of the world is seriously concerned. Places such as Venice and Holland have special reason to be concerned. The South Pacific island kingdom of Vanatauu is already sinking the beneath the waves and its inhabitants evacuated to higher ground.
    Thanks to Stephen Colbert for his ridicule of the mindless “Tea Party” legislation.

    Radical technological solutions are called for. Here in Germany, one group is working on gravity field retransformation- which generates a form of “positron current”- which can be applied in inexpensive, big mass desalinisation units. (I.e. using that current to lower the passive mass of water, while creating an “ion thruster flow”-, and further application of ion crystallisation, rifling to increase drag coefficient spin, creating a “dary creamer” centrifuge effect in the the pipes- spinning off the crystallizing minerals into the rifling, to be drained off in slits- enable a cheap, cost effective mode of mass desalinisation.
    Five thousand such units of a 1 cubic meter second capacity will green and soak the Sahara given the tropical inversion effect also involved. (And greening will suck a lot of co² out of the atmosphere.) Two thousand more will do the Arabian penisula. Other coastal arid areas can be similarly greened with the emerging technology.

    And, dropped by European submarines on the ocean floor, GFR units can radical ionize and lighten water, and as that ionized water rises to the surface- it ion crstallizes and repells the suspended minerals in it so it will freeze under the thin winter ice, reinforcing it from below. We can do this at both poles. The GFR technology also powers crogenic Bta lasers which can be applied in brush, forest, building, fires to cut co² emissions from uncontrolled fire.

    Look Vanatauu is already sinking beneath the waves. Venice is next. Goodness, if this keeps up, all the venetian Gondoliers can emigrate to New York – to replace the taxis and busses on the flooded streets of Manhattan. We can rename New York – the New Venice. Florida and the Delmarva Peninsulas will sink beneath the waves along with Houston, Galveston, New Orleans, much of Missippi and Alabama.

    A one meter rise of the ocean is a really conservative estimate with polar meltdown. I have seen much higher figures coming out of Hamburg, Kiel, and Amsterdam, all coastal cities threatened by climate warming ocean level rises.

    Thanks to Colbert for his brilliant parody of the ignorant redneck Republican lawmakers who would criminalize discussion of climate change. That is a strage variation of attempted fascist thought control which only deserves ridicule. Goodness, even Pope Benedict XVI has expressed concerns about Global Warming- would the lawmakers of North Carolina press to have the U.S. declare war on the Vatican, like nuke the Sistine Chapel or something?

  14. Patrick says:

    That is the Republican Platform for all future US Environmental Law. Trust me they,ll arrest you for a 16oz coke today and soon they’ll be rounding up all the artist and intellectuals “Them know it all class elites” “Damn Democrats all tryin to get rich with Al Gore”
    As long as the Koch Brothers are able to keep the idiots pissed at the unions for ensuring all Americans continue to receive wages , the’ll be safe.
    God help the Koch Brothers if the idiot Republicans ever figure out how they have lied too

  15. sue houston says:

    Kent, where is your energy source for this magical machine? If it runs on fossil fuels it solves nothing. If if runs on something not fossil fuel dependent, then our problems are solved already.

    Technofixes are just a dream.

  16. ThisOldMan says:

    It’s not stupidity, it’s a collective willful blindness. There’s a difference. You can say it’s stupid to be willfully blind, but in truth quite a bit of mental effort goes into it. Moreover denial is not correlated with educational level. Instead denial is rooted in the axiomatic belief that liberals, atheists, muslims, and/or scientists (the details vary) are out to destroy the American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (the details vary less). So everything “they” say must be a lie, in one way or another (once again, the details vary). Considerable thought has gone into the elaboration of this point of view, to the extent that has almost become an art form. One of these days, of course, they’re going to get as scared as the rest of us, and then most likely they’ll blame us (somehow). But in the meanwhile, they will continue to indulge in believing that what ought to be has to be the same as what is. Teasing them may make us feel better, but if anything it will only make them dig in deeper.