The Heartland Institute’s Special Guest: Scott Walker

By Brad Johnson, campaign manager for Forecast the Facts

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) is scheduled to be the keynote speaker for the Heartland Institute’s benefit dinner in August, 2012. Heartland has lost more than $1 million in expected corporate funding in the wake of public outrage over its climate denial, reducing president Joe Bast to beg for more financial support. Walker is a perfect fit for the anti-science extremists at Heartland — like them, he’s Koch-funded global warming conspiracy theorist. Walker has attacked investment in high-speed rail, wind power, and even recycling.

19 Responses to The Heartland Institute’s Special Guest: Scott Walker

  1. Mike Roddy says:

    We all knew guys like Walker in college- they were not academically talented, and gravitated to business and pre law courses. Their ambition was grating, and sensible people avoided them.

    It’s quite disappointing that Wisconsin voters failed to see through this man.

  2. Dennis says:

    Being able to outspend your opponent by 8-to-1 on political advertising is a key reason the voters in Wisconsin did not see through him. And most of that money came from out of state.

  3. Dennis Tomlinson says:

    One again reminded this morning, and with great emotional pain, that without an informed electorate money can easily buy elections. The headline on HuffPo right now: “Exit Polls: 17% of Obama supporters, 36% of union households backed Walker.” I give that a rating of WTF.

  4. AlaninAZ says:

    I didn’t pay much attention to this race, however, my sense is that global climate issues were the last thing the electorate cared about. In truth unions are not popular and will lose elections if their “rights” are the centerpiece of the campaign, as was the case in WI.

  5. M Tucker says:

    “Walker is a perfect fit for the anti-science extremists at Heartland — like them, he’s Koch-funded global warming conspiracy theorist. Walker has attacked investment in high-speed rail, wind power, and even recycling.”

    And 52% of Wisconsin voters think that is just great! He speaks for them! AND f%#k unions too! Wait…all unions? Coal miners? Steel workers? Actors? I already know you hate teachers, firefighters, and cops but I suddenly got to wondering about some of the others. I wonder how many Americans agree.

  6. Zimzone says:

    If Walker is ‘John Doe’ in the Fed investigation, he may not be available to keynote this climate denial institute.

    One can hope…

  7. Patrick Linsley says:

    Very true however he lost control of the state senate. Something the media seems to have gone out if it’s way to avoid talking about.

  8. Windy says:

    I wonder if Rahm Emanuel will attend since it’s in Chicago. I think Rahm would like to do away with the unions in Chicago especially the teachers union which has destroyed the Chicago public school system.

  9. Sue says:

    FYI–thousands and thousands of WI voters DO see through Scott Walker and have worked tirelessly for the last year fighting the Tea Party agenda. Against all odds, we were able to get over a million signatures to have SW recalled. We didn’t get the “big win” that liberals nationwide were looking for, but have done far more than any other state in fighting the far right. Plus, we now have the majority in the State Senate which will definitely offer a huge check and balance to slow SW down.

  10. xoff says:

    A major funder of the Heartland Institute is the ultra-right Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee, headed by Michael Grebe, who just happens to be Walker’s campaign chairman. A tight little circle.

  11. Sure unions are less popular, after Decades of propaganda with almost no positive coverage. Earlier on in crude ways: black-listing the union-sympathetic film Salt of the Earth, for example, but usually more subtle means – years and decades of propaganda designed to get us to somehow see our right to organize and our right to be represented, as some sinister foreign thing, rather than what it is – workers banding together.

    Great cartoon had the boss of a company tell a worker: “don’t vote for a union…why let some third party middle-man get between you the worker and us, management?”

    The worker says, “ok, so let’s talk about my concerns about workplace safety, pay, and benefits”

    The boss says, “Oh, that…Ummm, talk to my Lawyer!” (the layer, right who is a third party middle manb etween workers and management – ok when management does it to wage class war against workers – not ok when workers want to band together to defend themselves from the constant, never ending assault to lower all standards to the lowest common denominaotr until we’re “competitive’ like those third world countries with toxics dumped into the water and where workers are treated worse than dogs)

    AlaninAZ is right that winning elections is harder given the decades of anti-union brainwashing, when those issues come up.

    But he/she is wrong in at least two ways about that

    “..unions are not popular and will lose elections if their ‘rights’ are the centerpiece of the campaign”

    First wrong to put the word rights in quotes as if they are Santa Claus or something imaginary; the rights are real, even when governments and corporations ignore and bulldozer over those rights.

    But a more subtle point – it’s also an error to call it the rights “of unions” They are rights of *workers*, of us as workers, it’s not the right of “some union” it’s the right of us as *workers* – to defend themselves from the constant assault that tries to maximize short term profit at all costs on the backs of workers.

  12. AlaninAZ says:

    The Democrats will lose in November if they make protection of union power a major focus of the campaign. The Democrats must run on restoration of general prosperity and downplay support of more narrow union issues. Only 12% of workers are unionized and the remaining 78% must think that the Democrats will be looking out for them.

  13. AlaninAZ says:

    Obviously 78% should be 88% (hard to believe the number is so high).

  14. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    The false consciousness of the thoroughly brainwashed US Dunning-Kruger ‘Heartland’ never ceases to fascinate. The absolute root cause of US decay is the huge and growing burden of inequality and insatiable elite cupidity. And, like turkeys, the rabble voted for Christmas. Obama running dead, as expected, helped immensely. It was a good week for Hope Fiends. Wisconsin handed over to the far Right, Obama revealed as the leader of drone-missile lynch-mobs, taking personal interest in choosing those marked for death (the innocent to be posthumously ‘pardoned’)and his Admalistration leading the Western effort to destroy the Rio plus 20 Conference. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

  15. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    What hope has any society in which teachers are a favourite hate-object of the more deranged elements?

  16. Windy says:

    Mulga – You are ignorant about Chicago public schools and the teachers union here. Several years back the Chicago public school teachers were tested for competency in the subject material that they taught in school and 63% failed. Istead of fixing the problem, the teachers union flexed its muscle and voila, a new dumbed down version of the test was produced and old test scores were destroyed. Everyone passed the dumbed down version and the mayor put out a PSA congatulating Chicago school teachers for their stunning achievement. lol What a joke on the public and the taxpayers. There was a price for the cheating by the teacher’s union as no progress has been made towards gettint out of bottom of the barrel in student performance in spite of high taxes and massive per student spending.

    Illinois was ranked as the most corrupt state in 2011 and Chicago and the teachers union in Chicago were large contributors to this title. I want good teachers for kids but the teacher’s union prevents that from happening. The only deranged people involved in this education fraud is the teacher’s union and the City of Chicago corrupt politicians who empower further corruption.

  17. Windy says:

    Where do the rare earth elements(REEs) needed for the super conducting magnets in wind turbines come from? Answer = China. That is why GE Wind manufactures most of the internal high tech components of their wind turbines in China. GE can’t get REEs in the US as China has banned export of REEs to the USA. Most of the stimulus money for green energy ended up providing jobs to China because they have a monopoly on REEs.

    How has the shift to green energy done in Spain Germany Netherlands, etc. Answer = in the last 5 years the USA has reduced its CO2 emissions by 7.7% and the EU roughly 5% but the cost of electricity in those green EU countries averages about 30 cents/kWh whereas I pay only 4.6 cent/kWh because of feed in tariffs and subsidies. If you take the time to do a cost analysis you will find current winf and solar inefficient and intermittent in nature and therefore backup power, usually gas or coal, generation needs to run at near full capacity to meet demand when wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining.

    I am not opposed to green energy but it has to create US jobs without creating a burden on ratepayers. How and when will this happen? Answer = breakthrough technology and within the next 10 years. For instance an American company in Boulder is rolling out new technology for wind turbines that do not need REEs and thus are far less expensive to manufacture allowing net generation at roughly 2 cents/kWh with all jobs remaining here in the USA. The DOE has implemented ‘Sun Shot’ a project with a goal of supplying US made solar panels at a cost of $1.00/watt installed by 2025. I know people working on this and I am convinced this target will be met. One breakthrough from this project has already resulted in a 4% boost in panel efficiency with a cost reduction. This program is vital not only to the USA but to the entire world because at $1.00/watt installed, developing nations would be able to afford green energy which would mean all 7 billion people on the planet could shift to solar rather than just the rich countries.

    The bottom line is that Heartland has no ability to prevent what I have outlined. The state governors will all support solar because even with the limited daylight hours in Wisconsin solar installation will be so cheap that everyone will want to install them and that has to be done by LOCAL workers. Jobs in this field will rise exponentially and consumers would bypass utility companies to produce their own power all without subsidies. The key will be energy storage which is also being worked on by the people I know.

  18. Anne Malecki says:

    Since his funds were eight to one, and the vote was almost evenly divided I think Walker lost. He did indeed take a loss and no longer has his cartel to push is Koch addled votes through. In a few years time, those who did not vote for Walker will have lost their rights on so many levels the will hark back to this election and feel deep regret.

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