Poll: Public Doesn’t Agree With Conservatives’ Extreme Views On Regulation

by Ruy Teixeira

When conservatives aren’t talking about cutting taxes for the rich, they’re getting misty-eyed about removing business regulations. Indeed, nothing less than the obliteration of all current restrictions on business would appear to satisfy them. There’s just one problem: The public doesn’t share this commitment.

On the contrary, the public understands that a free market economy needs regulation to serve the common good. And as a matter of fact, that was its verdict by a wide 63-31 margin in the Pew Research Center’s new American Values Survey released in April.

public supports regulation

In the same survey, the public called for stricter laws and regulations when it comes to protecting the environment by an overwhelming 74-25 margin.

public supports stricter environmental regulations

Conservatives may be convinced that the “magic of the market” obviates the need for laws governing business. But the public clearly does not agree.

Ruy Teixeira is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. This is a CAP cross-post.

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13 Responses to Poll: Public Doesn’t Agree With Conservatives’ Extreme Views On Regulation

  1. john atcheson says:

    The problem with these polls is that they take issues in a vacuum, one at a time.

    Each increment of Obama’s health care package is very popular, but the overall package itself is much less popular.

    Conservatives are adept at “branding” big issues and framing them as moral.

    The frame you establish by asking the questions you ask is not the frame people make political decisions on. To them, government has already been branded as big, wasteful and incompetent. Regulations are job killers and an assault on freedom.

    So while we run on individual issues, they run on a values platform.

    This situation will continue for as long as Democrats and progressives try to run from their values and talk about things on an issue by issue basis.

  2. RustyCannon says:

    You know who completely disagrees that regulating capitalism is a good thing?

    Tony Soprano.

  3. Peter Capen says:

    What difference does it make when the public says in polls that it does not agree with the “extreme” Republican views on regulations, but then goes ahead and votes the candidates that hold such views into office?
    The “disconnect” between what voters say they “think” and how they chose to vote has turned into a yawning chasm in this country of contradiction.

  4. Joe Romm says:

    Dems don’t get this is a winning issue, so they don’t run on it.

  5. Peter M says:

    Obama has failed to give a coherent message on just about everything the last 3 years. But this has been a problem for the Democrats for over 45 years- The last Democrat who could communicate was JFK.

    As long as the GOP can convince many in the electorate to vote against their best interests- the GOP wins the debate.

    When the climate begins to totally unravel- lets see if the Democrats can finally message this right.

  6. BillD says:

    The environment in general and climate change in particular is the moral issue of our generation. If only the President and his advisors could grasp this point.

  7. Peter M says:

    considering how bad the climate is going to become – yes its amazing the Democratic leadership- if that’s what you want to call it- does not take the ‘Science’ and run with it.

  8. BillD, I agree that it “the moral issue of our generation.” If the POTUS does not see that, then it is time to elect a different President.

  9. Rick says:

    The dem’s dont care, same political party two different factions (Protect the opulent minority from the teeming masses who cant govern themselves). We cant overcome this without overcoming these two corporately funded parties

  10. TCinLA says:

    the problem is that the “different president” is so bad he makes Obama at his worst look good.

  11. BillD says:

    OK, Wesley: But if the choice is between Obama who has top scientists among his advisors and Romney, who promised to expand fossil fuels while decreasing green energy while completely denying that humans are significantly harming the environment in any way, who is your “differnt president?”

    We really can’t allow 4-8 years of extremist Teaparty rule.

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    One of the Right’s great victories, gifted it by incessant propaganda by the Rightwing MSM, is the perversion of meaning in language. Thus hate speech becomes ‘free speech’, business kleptomaniacs become ‘wealth creators’, driving wages and conditions down to Third World levels is ‘labour market flexibility’ and bigotry, hatred and misanthropic social viciousness are ‘our moral values’. Big Brother was strictly an amateur.

  13. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    JFK upset powerful vested interests, in business, the military and the parallel government of the ‘intelligence’ agencies. No other President wants to discover the type of ‘triangulation’ JFK experienced as his limousine slowed to a near stop in Dealey Plaza.