Koch-Fueled Americans For Prosperity Plans Protest Against ‘Extremist’ Kids Flying Kites In Support Of Wind

Americans for Prosperity now sees children flying kites as a major threat to society.

Earlier today, I opened my email box to find an uproarious AFP promotion for a protest in Asbury Park and Ocean City, New Jersey this Friday.

What are they so upset about?

An event so dastardly and maniacal, it has the potential to tear down everything we love about our freedoms as Americans. I almost couldn’t stomach it when I found out more.

Yes, it’s “extremist” kids from the Boys and Girls Club and local schools flying kites in support of offshore wind energy.

Don’t worry, AFP is on the case (as explained on their website, accompanied by the smoking wind turbine):

You heard that right! Friday is “Global Wind Day” and environmental extremists throughout New Jersey will be celebrating by flying kites at beaches along the Jersey Shore and calling for more and more of our tax dollars to be used to subsidize their crazy offshore wind pipe dreams!

AFP will be going toe to toe with the environmental extremists to combat their radical agenda and tell the truth about the costs of offshore wind.

Yes, that’s right. With monetary assistance from the Koch Brothers, AFP will be going toe to toe with these kite-flying kids who represent such a threat to the free market.

Here’s how the Sierra Club describes the event in support of Global Wind Day: “We’ll be gathering at a beach near you for a kite-flying rally and celebration of NJ’s offshore wind potential. Bring your family, friends and kites.”

The horror!

In order to combat these “extremist” families and their kite-flying antics, AFP is throwing in all the resources it can — chartering six buses (yes, six) to bring people in from around the state.

How will this battle unfold? Will the crusading free-marketeers be able to withstand this beach full of radical children? Tune in Friday on Global Wind Day…..

14 Responses to Koch-Fueled Americans For Prosperity Plans Protest Against ‘Extremist’ Kids Flying Kites In Support Of Wind

  1. capros says:

    Has it become plainly obvious with GOP candidates that the Koch brothers are so out of touch with reality? When will you realize that politicians who take Koch money will be painted with the same brush of insanity and anti-Americanism? Protesting children who fly kites is nothing short of insane. Perhaps the Kochs will start protesting Dodger games because they wear blue uniforms. Logic is consistent — the Kochs are out of touch with America and just greedy little b******s.

  2. Harry Middlemas says:

    Off topic. The side banner advertising — really? Do you have to go there? It makes this site a little less pleasant to visit (not that it is all that fun anyways with all the good news) but still. This is one of my favorite places and this downgrades it just a little.


  3. Chris Winter says:

    This is truly risible.

    Perhaps they’ll put up a billboard: “These kids still promote wind energy. DO YOU?”

    We can hope.

  4. Lou Grinzo says:

    The fossil fuel interests and climate change deniers in general will keep doubling their bets on their absurd positions and keep ratcheting up their offensive and illogical rhetoric right up to the point where the whole disgusting edifice collapses under its own weight because of lack of popular support.

    In other words, expect to see much more of this kind of idiocy for some time.

  5. Theodore says:

    It’s too bad we aren’t organized well enough to infiltrate AFP and switch sides only after arriving on the beach. Or, maybe we are, and I shouldn’t be talking about this in public.

  6. jyyh says:

    Future immigrants will probably have to answer the question: “Have you been a member of the kite flying club of New Jersey during the 1929-1942?”

  7. Lionel A says:

    Americans for Prosperity is ill named, but then what’s new from those involved in such unethical behaviour.

    Maybe we should re-dub them ‘A Few Americans for Prosperity’ or AFAPs. But that would be to ignore that many of them are not Americans.

    Meanwhile in reality.

  8. Joan Savage says:

    The AFP NJ site offers six bus pick-up locations — that’s free transportation to the Jersey shore on a Friday in June! For a protest, of course. It doesn’t give return times. Everyone has to call in first so that is a opportunity for background checks.

    For the unemployed, what a temptation to get a mini-vacation, while honestly complaining about unemployment and utility rates, though not understanding the deceptive slogans of AFP, such as characterizing wind power proponents as ‘environmental extremists.’


  9. ToddInNorway says:

    The Koch brothers have planned a national fossil-fuel day. The highlight will be handing out lumps of coal to the kids, and face-painting with tar sands bitumen collected from pipeline spills. Some lucky local ff fairs will get to play with small tubes filled with mercury, while others will make sculpture out of toxic coal ash heaps in sand boxes.

  10. PJMD says:

    Okay, okay, these guys are terrible. BUT! Let’s say they are just radical free market libertarian types who hate the idea of gummint subsidies. Let’s work to pass a revenue-neutral, steadily rising carbon tax swap and consumer rebate bill that eliminates ALL gummint subsidies (think Solyndra, think Exxon) and lets the market pick the winners: much more efficient than politicians doing so. Wind and solar will instantly become more competitive.

    Call it something palatable, like The Carbon Pollution Reduction and Responsibility Act: CPR. We’re gonna need it. More at

  11. Tom Rowe says:

    Global Wind Day have given a response – and a calm and mannered one, given that they were accused of “harnessing the power of child labor” !!
    Read it here –

  12. Wally OBrien says:


    In a naive, idealistic world, that would be fine.

    Let’s see. Ever hear of nuclear power? Government subsidies. Ever hear of the products and companies that are offshoots of the government subsidies that went into the space industry? How about some vaccinations? Government subsidies.

    In the case of alternate energies, you already have other governments that are well ahead of us in this area. So guess where those jobs are going to be when the industries do take off?

  13. Isabella says:

    They are only against “gummint subsidies” for anyone else- Big Oil has been getting billions in subsidies, which would be threatened by alternative energy sources.

  14. Mike Morton says:

    In case anyone was wondering, the “Americans for Prosperity” plan never materialized, at least not in Asbury Park, NJ. The only presence they had was a group of perhaps 10 people who gathered at a spot approximately 4 blocks away from our group, which consisted of approximately 50 participants flying kites on the beach, including 15 youngsters from the local Boys and Girls Club. Maybe these “patriots” were busy on the Romney tour bus as it was driving in circles, honking its horn at another Obama campaign event. However Koch money was wasted on an airplane that flew up and down the beach towing a banner that opposed the offshore turbine projects. Lets hope that they keep wasting their money on stunts like this.