June 18 News: The Most Destructive Wildfire In Colorado History Destroys 55,000 Acres

A round-up of the top climate and energy news.

The wildfire in Colorado continues to rage, 9 days after it was first sparked. The destruction toll so far is one death, 181 homes and 55,050 acres destroyed, with 1,200 evacuation notices still in place. Climate scientists have said for years that climate change worsens the intensity and frequency of wildfires. Colorado’s “severe to extreme” drought conditions have only worsened the conditions. [LA Times]

In Norfolk, Virginia’s second-largest city, with 250,000 residents, Faella’s concerns aren’t the isolated fears of one woman living on the river’s edge. The entire city is worried. [Washington Post]

Prince Charles delivered a climate warning to Rio+20: “Like a sleepwalker, we seem unable to wake up to the fact that so many of the catastrophic consequences of carrying on with ‘business-as-usual’ are bearing down on us faster than we think, already dragging many millions more people into poverty and dangerously weakening global food, water and energy security for the future.” [BBC]

The Bakken formation’s oil bonanza was triggered eons ago in a story involving a cast of millions, earthly upheavals, heat and pressure — lots and lots of pressure. It’s actually a very depressing story. In a good way. Good for oil development, at least. [AP]

Senators in both parties are trying to use the farm bill to go after EPA regulations and permits as a potential last-ditch effort to affect agency policy before the election. The amendments range from the usual moves against the agency’s renewable fuels mandate and so-called farm dust controls to efforts to limit pesticide permits and boost the power of the agency’s liaison to farmers. [Politico]

Finally, Romney used weather metaphors on his bus tour this weekend to signal “brighter days ahead” for the country, if Romney won in November. If Romney enacts his fossil fueled vision for America, the future would be anything but bright. [National Journal]


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