June 20 News: Record-Breaking Temperatures Expected In Northeast On First Day Of Summer

A round-up of the top climate and energy stories. Please post additional links below.

You won’t need a calendar to mark the start of summer in the northeastern U.S. The National Weather Service forecast potentially record-breaking hot temperatures just as the season officially begins Wednesday, the summer solstice and longest day of the year. [Associated Press]

More than 150 world leaders and ministers kick off the Rio+20 Earth Summit on Wednesday amid widespread disappointment about the strategy they will adopt to put the global economy on a more sustainable path. [Guardian]

Renewable energy can supply 80% of US electricity demand by 2050, concludes a report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. []

Environmental groups in Maine and Vermont are raising an alarm about the potential for tar sands oil to be piped across northern New England. [Associated Press]

On the eve of a major gathering to discuss the state of the planet, a Washington Post poll shows that most Americans think the world’s natural environment has deteriorated over the past decade, and more than six in 10 say humans are making the problem worse. [Washington Post]

Months before the sea ice reaches its annual minimum extent, this summer looks likely to follow suit, bringing unusually ice-free waters. [Live Science]

Public companies in the UK are to become the first in the world forced to publish full details of the greenhouse gasses they produce, under plans to be announced by the government. [Guardian]

Honda Motor Co. said Wednesday it will start recycling rare earths and other key materials in hybrid auto batteries this year — a key innovation in the Japanese automaker’s effort to be green. [Washington Post]

6 Responses to June 20 News: Record-Breaking Temperatures Expected In Northeast On First Day Of Summer

  1. Nick B says:

    We need much more effort than this. The Arctic Sea Ice is a vital Tipping Point and hardly any politicians know anything about it. We need to go beyond carbon neutral policies and actually begin the draw-down of greenhouse gases in order to keep a semblance of the world as we know it.

  2. Spike says:

    Cracking article on climate change in the Irish Times

  3. Doug Bostrom says:

    There is no demonstrated connection between weather events and climate.

    Just keep chanting that, no matter what. Back-back floods beyond memory? Nothing to do with ballooning heat and moisture in the atmosphere, could happen any time, nothing novel…

  4. colinc says:

    Yesterday and today I have noticed something peculiar(?) in the following data…

    per Intellicast —- Weather Underground…
    Temp meas : 87°F —- 89.6°F
    Heat Indx : 89°F —- 94°F
    Dew Point : 66°F —- 69°F
    r-Humidity: 49% —- 51%

    It is not the difference between the sites reported numbers that I find ‘different’ but the manner in which they agree. To be clear, it is also not the ‘agreement’ that is odd but the fact that they both show an elevated Heat Index for relatively low dew-points and humidity. Here, in north-central OH, ‘real-feel’ numbers are typically the same as the temp unless the dew-point is within 5-10 degrees of measured temperature and/or relative humidity is in excess of 75-80%.

    Since Mr. Bostrom mentioned floods, perhaps the following will be of interest (re: Duluth)…

    Tropical Storm Chris forms; little change to Cuba disturbance; Duluth floods

    Citing the local NWS…
    We cannot stress what a major threat this is for the city of Duluth
    and along the North Shore. Aging infrastructure will also play a
    part in the flood threat… especially on the hillside.

  5. Doug Bostrom says:

    What “BAU” and adaptation look like in Duluth:

    24-hour rainfall totals through noon Wednesday

    Duluth’s Denfeld neighborhood: 9 inches

    Munger Trail: 8.6

    Alborn: 8.4

    Proctor: 8.3

    Wrenshall: 7.8

    Scanlon: 7.66

    Island Lake Reservoir: 7.4

    Duluth’s Endion neighborhood: 7.35

    Rice Lake Township: 7

    Hermantown: 6.7

    Duluth News Tribune