July 2 News: Facing Massive Power Outages After Severe Storm, Mid-Atlantic States Set More High Temperature Records

A round-up of the top climate and energy news.

With widespread power outages still plaguing a multistate swath from Indiana to Virginia after the severe “derecho” event on Friday night, the late June heat wave continues to make headlines. Numerous all-time high temperature records were set on Saturday, with additional records expected to be set during the first few days of July. [Climate Central]

Australia on Sunday joins a growing number of nations to impose a price on carbon emissions across its $1.4 trillion economy in a bitterly contested reform that offers trading opportunities for banks and polluters but may cost the prime minister her job. [Reuters]

As temperatures soared again on Sunday, utility crews in the mid-Atlantic region raced to remove fallen trees and restore power to about two million customers, even as the area faced the threat of additional thunderstorms. [New York Times]

Snow hardly fell during winter in snowy Colorado. On top of that, the state’s soaking spring rains did not come. So it was no wonder that normally emerald landscapes were parched as summer approached, tan as a pair of worn khakis. All the earth needed was a spark. [Washington Post]

This town on the parched plains, best known for its bountiful pheasant hunting and museum of oil history, recently earned a new, if unwelcome, distinction — the center of America’s summer inferno. [New York Times]

When meteorologists predict temperatures will be in the low 90s in downtown Los Angeles, it’s a given the mercury will reach the high 90s or triple digits in many parts of the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire. But what is not predicted, nor recorded, are 10- to 20-degree higher spikes in micro-climate pockets called heat islands – areas of concrete and asphalt that have few shade trees and radiate heat. [San Gabriel Tribune]

Could India’s power problems eventually be solved through tens of millions of mini-grids and other local power efforts? [Wall Street Journal]

In a series of short essays, Collier travels around the state, meeting with various researchers and showing the differing ways that climate changes are impacting human, animal, and plant life in Alaska. [Fairbanks Daily News]

Rising sea levels cannot be stopped over the next several hundred years, even if deep emissions cuts lower global average temperatures, but they can be slowed down, climate scientists said in a study on Sunday. [Reuters]

15 Responses to July 2 News: Facing Massive Power Outages After Severe Storm, Mid-Atlantic States Set More High Temperature Records

  1. Tom L says:

    The ‘hottest place on Earth’ featuring the Museum Of Oil History. Oh, the delicious irony!

  2. Tom L says:

    Make that tragic irony.

  3. Robert in New Orleans says:

    Just heard that the Weather Underground website was sold to the Weather Channel…. another one of those great unknown unknowns that we have been warned about!

  4. Robert in New Orleans says:

    Joe and everyone else,

    Any thoughts about Mr. Guy McPherson’s article “We’re Done” at:
    Is there any science to back up his position?
    Is he overly pessimistic?

  5. prokaryotes says:

    Rising sea levels can’t be stopped, scientists say
    A tenth of the world’s population at risk for flooding

  6. prokaryotes says:

    Climate change a hoax, Jones tells tax protester

    Seems this Jones guy has the same script writer as an infamous US Senator.

  7. prokaryotes says:

    Senate rejects Sen. Jim Inhofe’s effort to kill new rules on air pollution
    Sen. Jim Inhofe worked for weeks to round up enough support to kill new rules aimed at coal-fired power plants, but he fell short after a debate over the health impacts of mercury and other air toxics.

    Read more:

  8. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Alan Jones is one of the prime reasons that I can see a very small compensation in our coming extinction. The elimination of his kind from the cosmos can only be to the good. Look up the Four Corners report on him, several years ago, and be dumbfounded in amazement that such a creature wields so much power and influence. Humanity hasn’t destroyed itself-the dead souls are our assassins.

  9. prokaryotes says:

    Funfact: Alex Jones and Alan Jones are both radio host with an right wing sponsored agenda :)

    In December 2005, in the lead-up to the Cronulla riots, Jones used his breakfast radio program to read out and discuss a widely-circulated text message calling on people to “Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge… get down to North Cronulla to support the Leb and wog bashing day”, which was similarly discussed in the wider media including on the front page of publications like the Sydney Morning Herald. Media commentator David Marr accused Jones of inciting racial tensions and implicitly encouraging violence and vigilantism by the manner of his responses to callers even while he was verbally disapproving of them taking the law into their own hands.
    On 10 April 2007, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) found that the broadcaster 2GB and Jones had broadcast material (specifically comments made by Jones between 5–9 December 2005) that was likely to encourage violence or brutality and to vilify people of Lebanese and Middle-Eastern backgrounds on the basis of ethnicity

    Indeed a thrust worthy source when it comes to climate science and climate action and how to respond about mankind’s future.

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    Alan Jones, a ‘thrust worthy source’? Well, I never, you must have spent some time down at the old Imperial Hotel in Erskineville.

  11. Merrelyn Emery says:

    People are waking up only very slowly to how much these disasters really cost. There is the initial emotional reaction and tears and the floods (sorry) of volunters and then there is the heart breaking process of clearing and rebuilding while still grieving.

    So much is lost in lives and memories and even in countries like Oz which is well organized, well acquainted with disasters and well supplied with volunteers, the reality is that slowly but surely we are losing the battle.

    The rebuilding of Queensland is still not complete and the actual monetary costs have escalated. In the meantime, we have had numerous ‘little’ regional disasters that are sapping the will and motivation of the people. Its too many, too often now.

    I can only hope that our new carbon regime will provide new hope and while I live in hope, it is official today that we now have an El Nino. Well soon we go into another sring and summer- and there’s plenty more to burn, ME

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says:

    I’m afraid that I’m a realist, that is a pessimist. It gets a lot worse from here, and the Right are going to drive us to destruction. One needs only look at the sheer hatred of environmentalism evidenced by the tin-pot regimes in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, the well-known opinions of Tony Abbott (about which he is dissembling in the fashionable manner)and the continuing rabid hate campaigns against Greens run by the Murdoch Empire of Evil, and you can see that I am correct, I very much fear. Indeed, when the sheer horror of our fate is finally undeniable, there will not, by any means, be an outbreak of collaboration, co-operation and shared resolve to act-that is all so ‘socialistic’. There will, rather, be an explosion of bitter internecine, social strife, as the powerful and their stooges attempt to make the populace bear the burdens, while their wealth and power remain inviolable.